Vancouver Island resident tests positive for Zika virus
- April 21, 2016

The case is travel-related, which the CDC notes is an early stage of the spread of the disease. "It would not be surprising at all - if not likely - that we're going to see a bit of that". The Zika virus is about to become an emergency in the United States and immediate action is necessary to fight the disease, U.S. Sen. He advises those women not to travel to areas where the Zika virus is circulating. (more...)
Reports 7 people in BC, including 2 pregnant women, have Zika virus
- April 20, 2016

Republicans say they will not approve increased spending to fight Zika, despite health officials describing the virus as "scarier" than first thought. These mosquitoes are not native to California, and have been identified in 12 California counties , but there are no known cases where the mosquitoes were carrying the Zika virus in California. (more...)
Almost 200 US Pregnant Women Confirmed with Zika
- April 20, 2016

Each has been linked to Zika-infected areas and most cases are from the Caribbean or Latin America. Thus far, the majority of reporting has been focused on Zika's negative effects on pregnant women, as the virus has been shown to cause the birth defect microcephaly, which can cause babies to be born with underdeveloped brains and cognitive problems. (more...)
Zika Virus May Spread In Southern U.S. This Summer, Says Scholar
- April 20, 2016

The Ministry of Health is considering introducing lab mosquitoes in Jamaica to help restrict the Zika virus (ZIKV ) transmission. The Department of Public Health confirmed six cases of Zika virus in California as of January 29, and reported those were contracted by people who travelled in other countries with Zika outbreaks between 2013-2015. (more...)
Mosquito that transmits Zika found in Chile
- April 20, 2016

Zika is a virus spread through mosquitoes and sexual activity. On April 10, Brazilian scientists linked Zika to a second congenital brain disorder , called Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, whose symptoms resemble those of multiple sclerosis. (more...)
Theranos the subject of criminal investigations Theranos the subject of criminal investigations
- April 19, 2016

The memo was sent to Theranos's "partners", which include Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc and others. Investigators are also examining whether Theranos misled government officials, which can be a crime under federal law, some of the people said . (more...)
4-year-old girl fatally shot by 5-year-old sibling 4-year-old girl fatally shot by 5-year-old sibling
- April 19, 2016

Family friend Crystal Dougherty said that the little girl was beloved by her neighborhood. She was pronounced dead five minutes after the shooting yesterday afternoon at 2.25pm in Upper Kensington, Philadelphia . Her father is identified as Maurice "Stephon" Phillips. Police allege that Phillips then struck his 5-year-old daughter and wiped blood onto her shirt in an apparent effort to shift blame. (more...)
Republican Party says complaints over delegates 'distracting'
- April 18, 2016

The convention runs from April 29 to May 1 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, at 1333 Old Bayshore Highway in Burlingame. He was cheated. Colorado Republicans were denied the chance to either vote in a primary or to help select their preferred candidate at this year's caucuses. (more...)
Zika virus could spread quicker than West Nile virus
- April 18, 2016

The connection between Zika and microcephaly first came to light last fall in Brazil, which has now confirmed more than 1,100 cases of microcephaly that it considers to be related to Zika infections in the mothers. "Based on what we know now, the mosquitoes that are in Vermont are not likely to transmit Zika virus", Kelso said . Zika virus is transmitted to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. (more...)
Local Zika outbreaks in United States
- April 18, 2016

The Zika virus is spread by mosquitoes, and usually results in relatively mild symptoms . Zika has been linked to thousands of suspected cases of microcephaly , a rare birth defect , in Brazil. The Zika virus is not something you want to mess around with. Each study has been categorized in the areas of virus, vectors and reservoirs; epidemiology; disease pathogenesis and consequences of Zika infection; clinical management; public health interventions; health systems and services ... (more...)
Could There Be A Zika Virus Outbreak In Montgomery County? Could There Be A Zika Virus Outbreak In Montgomery County?
- April 15, 2016

The current Zika outbreak originated from Brazil, and has spread to other Southern American countries, Central America, the Caribbean, and also to North America. There are tests but they're not ideal, and they're being used primarily with pregnant women. The danger is to travelers who go to tropical areas of the world where they are common and where there are patients infected with Zika . (more...)
Paul Ryan rules out possibility of contesting for president this year Paul Ryan rules out possibility of contesting for president this year
- April 14, 2016

Shouldn't Ryan understand how to craft a budget and appease the Tea Party? It's all the media's fault, an off week, we have nothing to talk about but speculation. They also are in recess for all of of October so they can go home and campaign in advance of the November 8 elections. Last year, after House rebels pushed Speaker John Boehner into retirement, Ryan repeatedly ruled out replacing him. (more...)
Philippine diplomat to China: Don't turn shoal into island Philippine diplomat to China: Don't turn shoal into island
- April 14, 2016

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said US ships had already conducted patrols with the Philippines in the South China Sea, which China claims nearly in its entirety. defence officials. Russian Federation also pitched in with support to Chinese concerns about the possible deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system by the United States on the Korean Peninsula. (more...)
Regulators Could Ban Holmes, Effectively Close Theranos Regulators Could Ban Holmes, Effectively Close Theranos
- April 14, 2016

The company had 10 days to respond to the letter and explain why its federal license should not be revoked. The newspaper reviewed of a copy of the letter, which hasn't been made public. But a spokeswoman for Theranos said that's a "worst case scenario". Theranos, a company that developed blood testing devices, was valued at $9 billion in 2014, and Holmes quickly ascended to fame. (more...)
Two new cases of Zika virus reported in South Florida Two new cases of Zika virus reported in South Florida
- April 14, 2016

Burwell said . The Obama administration is calling on Congress to approve a request for $1.9 billion in supplemental funding for the Zika response. Without the full amount of emergency funding requested, Donovan said the testing and manufacturing of potential vaccines beyond the earliest stages of clinical trials won't be possible. (more...)
Deadly Bacteria Infection Spreads Across Midwest, Health Officials Search for Source Deadly Bacteria Infection Spreads Across Midwest, Health Officials Search for Source
- April 14, 2016

Meanwhile, the number of cases in Wisconsin could be expected to rise ifhealth officials cannot identify the source of the infection. The bacteria does not usually cause illness in humans. "And as a result, when there are fatalities, it's never 100 percent clear what role - if any - the bacteria played", said Dr. Nirav D. Shah, Illinois Dept. (more...)
Diabetes cases nearly quadruple worldwide Diabetes cases nearly quadruple worldwide
- April 13, 2016

Health experts haven't found a way to prevent Type 1 diabetes, which consists of a body unable to produce enough insulin, a peptide hormone that regulates blood sugar. The programme was organised to inform journalists about the preparations for observing this year's World Health Day today with the slogan - "Make healthy choices every day: Keep diabetes at bay". (more...)
Murray beats Herbert to reach Monte Carlo Masters 3rd round
- April 13, 2016

Eight-time Monte Carlo victor Rafael Nadal will look to begin his quest for the ninth title as he takes on British player Aljaz Bedene on 13 April. Added to the worry of the first operation of his career at the advanced age of 34, Federer also went under general anesthetic for the first time in his life, having previously had only a local anesthetic when he had wisdom teeth removed. (more...)
Presidential Candidates Busy Campaigning in New York Ahead Primary
- April 13, 2016

Spencer Kimball, adviser to the Emerson College Polling Society, said the results are similar to how voters cast their ballots in Massachusetts' February primary. CT hasn't voted for a Republican in a presidential election since 1988 when the state picked George H.W. Bush over Michael Dukakis. It also says she has the "strength and shrewdness" to take on the politics of achieving an "ambitious Democratic agenda". (more...)
WHO focuses on dramatic rise in diabetes WHO focuses on dramatic rise in diabetes
- April 13, 2016

He noted that World Health Organization member countries have pledged to curb the increase in both diabetes and obesity by 2025. You get diabetes from eating too much sugar. "But change greatly depends on governments doing more, including by implementing global commitments to address diabetes and other [noncommunicable diseases]". (more...)