CDC issues guidelines to limit opioid analgesic prescriptions
- March 17, 2016

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) new voluntary guidelines are aimed at doctors prescribing painkillers for treatable conditions, with exceptions for post-surgery, cancer, or hospice patients, and emphasize carefully screening to determine whether opioid painkillers are actually the best solution. (more...)
Artificial Sweetener Linked with Increased Risk of Leukemia Artificial Sweetener Linked with Increased Risk of Leukemia
- March 14, 2016

The rating is based exclusively on one study of mice that was conducted by the Ramazzini Institute in Italy, published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health , and does not reflect the collective body of scientific evidence proving the safety of sucralose . (more...)
Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron compete in tire-shrugging contest on Baywatch set Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron compete in tire-shrugging contest on Baywatch set
- March 08, 2016

Why?" "Why? Because we're Baywatch , we're bad ass and we're a slightly dysfunctional family". The latter's workout routine has certainly transformed him from cut Hollywood heartthrob to even more cut heartthrob (look no further than Efron's Instagram feed for evidence). (more...)
Cleveland hospital to discuss 1st uterus transplant in US
- March 08, 2016

Overall, the procedure took 9 hours to complete. Though she and her husband Blake have adopted three children through the foster care system and feel incredibly blessed by the opportunities the transplant will hopefully give them, she asked people respect her privacy as she continues to recover. (more...)
Google Is Fighting The Zika Virus With One Big Move
- March 06, 2016

The grant is earmarked to raise awareness of the mosquito-borne virus, reduce mosquito populations, develop diagnostics and vaccines and work with communities and governments to prevent disease transmission. Karen Murphy, gave the warning to those traveling to areas where the Zika virus has been found. To that end Google has donated $ 1 million and the expertise of a team of engineers in order to analyze data. (more...)
Google Works With UNICEF to Map Spread of Zika Virus
- March 05, 2016

The company said it is also joining its efforts with YouTube creators in Latin America, including Brazilian physician Drauzio Varella, to raise awareness about Zika prevention on their channels. Utah Health Officials confirm a child in the state has a case of the Zika Virus. The platform will combine disease-related information with data pertaining to weather and travel patterns to visualize potential outbreaks and spread of the Zika virus . (more...)
Republicans blitz Trump at presidential debate Republicans blitz Trump at presidential debate
- March 04, 2016

The Fox News-hosted event comes a month after Trump boycotted the previous Fox debate after complaining that moderator Megyn Kelly would be unfair to him. "Because nobody was nastier than me in getting him not to run". John Kasich tried to stay above the fray, slapping at each of the other candidates for not displaying presidential decorum. (more...)
Patriots QB Tom Brady facing 4-game suspension at 'Deflategate' appeal Patriots QB Tom Brady facing 4-game suspension at 'Deflategate' appeal
- March 04, 2016

But the National Football League appealed Berman's decision immediately and if the tone of Thursday's first court meeting between the National Football League and NFLPA regarding the NFL's appeal of Berman's decision is any indication, Brady's case isn't quite so solid as it once seemed. (more...)
Breakthrough: Cancer could be 'cured with one jab' in just two years Breakthrough: Cancer could be 'cured with one jab' in just two years
- March 04, 2016

The genetic complexity of cancer*, which is flagged by tumour antigens, arises when cancers evolve in a branched manner. For years scientists have been trying to develop drugs and vaccines to fight cancer. "Mutations in one area of the tumor are usually different from mutations in other parts of the tumors", Quezada said. "The second approach is to "fish" these cells - T-cells - that recognize the trunk, expand them outside the patient" and inject them in the body. (more...)
Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay US$72 million in talc cancer case Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay US$72 million in talc cancer case
- March 03, 2016

Though she died at the age of 62, her foster son, Marvin Salter took over the lawsuit as a plaintiff. Fox's attorney stated that he expects Johnson & Johnson to appeal to the verdict. Co-defendant Imerys Talc America, Inc. received a complete defense verdict. Earlier this week - a jury in Missouri ordered Johnson and Johnson to fork over $72 million to the family of a woman who claimed to develop ovarian cancer after using its branded baby powder . (more...)
Kate Winslet sparks 'pregnancy' rumours after photos Kate Winslet sparks 'pregnancy' rumours after photos
- March 03, 2016

The set of images were immediately noticed by eagle-eyed fans and were shared liberally to social media paired with speculative captions. According to Daily Mail , Winslet is now a mom to three children, 15-year-old Mia Honey Threapleton, 12-year-old Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes and 2-year-old Bear Blaze, her son with husband Ned Rocknroll. (more...)
Utah child is first confirmed Zika virus case in the state Utah child is first confirmed Zika virus case in the state
- March 02, 2016

The first case of the ZikavVirus has been reported in Utah . Thousands of cases in Brazil are being blamed on the virus following a sudden surge past year. "However, a disturbing link to microcephaly in babies has been discovered in Brazil with reports of over 4,000 babies born with this birth defect coincident to the Zika outbreak". (more...)
Funniest Chris Christie memes supporting Donald Trump Funniest Chris Christie memes supporting Donald Trump
- March 02, 2016

Sen. Now, the once-popular governor, whose promising future on the national stage was tarnished by controversies at home, is facing backlash for supporting the GOP front-runner as the party faces an existential crisis over whether coalesce behind Trump, should he become the nominee, or repudiate him. (more...)
Brazil says microcephaly cases linked to Zika rise to 4863
- March 02, 2016

CDC officials have announced they will be "rolling out" a new test for the Zika virus to members of its Laboratory Response Network over the next several weeks. Officials confirmed the woman is not pregnant. Only four have active symptoms out of the 42 cases in the state. The organization provided guidelines that cautioned pregnant women to stay away from the Rio de Janeiro Games, as well as warning those with a male partner attending the event to "use condoms the right way, every time, or ... (more...)
Colombia reports around 43000 Zika cases Colombia reports around 43000 Zika cases
- March 01, 2016

Approximately half a million pregnant women travel to the United States annually from the 32 Zika-affected countries and USA territories with active transmission of Zika virus, the CDC said . Zika virus is not particularly new. Although numerous researches are going through to identify and to find out possible treatments, scientists are still perplexed with the link of Zika with the birth defect microcephaly. (more...)
Pregnant woman is second Zika case in Los Angeles County
- February 29, 2016

The Brazilian outbreak has been especially troubling because of its link to a sharp rise in cases of microcephaly , a birth defect characterized by brain abnormalities and an unusually small head. The nine women reported to have the illness were infected after visiting or living in places with Zika outbreaks including Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil. (more...)
CDC issues Olympics advisory: Pregnant women should 'consider not going' to Rio CDC issues Olympics advisory: Pregnant women should 'consider not going' to Rio
- February 29, 2016

According to Yahoo "Centers for Disease Control (CDC), research in Brazil and Puerto Rico are trying to determine whether the virus can cause microcephaly , a condition in which babies are born with abnormally small heads, and a rare paralyzing condition, Guillain-Barre, which can be fatal". (more...)
Everything you need to know before you caucus on Super Tuesday
- February 29, 2016

Both Democrats and Republicans candidates hold caucus in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts , Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas , Vermont and Virginia. News5 spoke with both parties about those differences and what you should expect when you get to your precinct. On average each precinct will elect between 2-6 delegates. (more...)
How Delegates are Awarded in Alabama Presidential Primary
- February 29, 2016

State parties have their own rules on how results from primaries and caucuses determine convention delegates and whether delegates are pledged to represent a particular presidential candidate. He also points out that there are more candidates on the ballot than most people may realize. As we told you Clinton is the prohibitive favorite in Texas with its 252 delegates and also looks to pickup the 110 in Virginia. (more...)
No pattern to outcomes for US women with Zika
- February 28, 2016

The latest count represents an increase of 5,695 new cases of the mosquito-borne virus in the last week, including 1,300 in pregnant women. The case of the baby born with microcephaly had been reported by state health officials in Hawaii but CDC said it would not identify any of the women by state. (more...)