Stan Savran Administers Logic Beatdown to Mike Florio, re: Dixon vs. Big Ben
- August 19, 2010

Even on the surface, it’s a theory you might expect to find written in shit on the walls of a mental institution. Most sane people would quietly move on and hope that this would all soon be forgotten. Undeterred by common sense and reasoning, Florio trudged onward. Florio: I’m also troubled by the fact that Leftwich comes back and is automatically installed as the starter for those first four games with no opportunity for Dixon to win that position. (more...)
Analyzing the Last In and Out (Part 2)
- August 20, 2010

Today we break down the seven closest to making the team, who right now appear to be on the wrong side of the turk but still have three weeks left to prove to the coaches that they are worthy of a roster spot. 1 fullback ahead of McHugh, and McHugh is also behind David Johnson for the No. 3 tight end spot. If he stays behind those two at those spots, McHugh adds little value to the roster and does not dress on gamedays. (more...)
Steelers Sticking With Hines Ward In the Slot
- August 20, 2010

One of the first stories we posted here at the Lounge was a look at what Santonio Holmes’ departure would mean to Mike Wallace. What we found was that Wallace faced starting cornerbacks on most passes thrown his way last year, so that wouldn’t really change this year. (more...)
What’s Behind This Insane Dennis Dixon Controversy?
- August 20, 2010

What’s behind this story? My guess, as I pointed out in the comments, is Dixon’s agent, Jeff Sperbeck. (Yes, I’m going to answer Florio’s “theory” with a “theory” of my own. Now, here’s where Florio comes in. My guess is it went down a little something like this… Sperbeck approached Florio, spoke to him on “background,” and floated this asinine theory, which Florio then ran with, and continues to run with. (more...)
Cortland Finnegan Wants to Be as Dirty as Hines Ward
- September 16, 2010

Ward is the classic love him when ya got him, hate him when you don’t player. The Steelers have him, and Steelers fans (and players, I imagine) love him. 1. So, I appreciate it.” This matchup won’t be for the weak, and if you can’t get yourself interested in this one, you probably don’t like football. (more...)
Injury Report: Max Starks, Casey Hampton Out Against Titans
- September 17, 2010

In other injury news… – Outsider linebacker Jason Worilds (shoulder) and wide receiver Emanuel Sanders (quad) are listed as doubtful. This could be an issue on special teams as these two guys combined for five tackles (out of 10) in kick coverage against the Falcons in Week 1. (more...)
Byron Leftwich Released, Should Be Back Next Week
- September 18, 2010

McClendon was added for some depth on the defensive line due to the absence of nose tackle Casey Hampton, who will miss the game against the Titans. Even though he was listed as probable as recently as Friday, Leftwich wasn’t going to be a serious option until at least Week 3 against Tampa Bay, and according to Steelers Digest, via Twitter, he is expected to be back with the team early next week. (more...)
Steelers-Titans Recap: Style Points Don’t Matter
- September 19, 2010

Maybe I’m too emotionally invested — and four beers deep (that’s wasted when you’re in your mid-30s) — but I feel comfortable saying that this was Pittsburgh’s most satisfying win since, what, the Pats beatdown during the 2008 regular season? Whatever, you don’t get points for feel-good wins, and to borrow a Tomlinism, you don’t get style points for winning. (more...)
Random Steelers-Titans Postgame Musings
- September 19, 2010

To me, that was a work of art, painted by the master known as Dick LeBeau, whose defense forced seven Titan turnovers, probably sent Vince Young back into a depression (if not the bench), and held Chris Johnson, the best running back in the NFL, to a measly 34 yards rushing on 16 carries, which tied for Johnson’s second lowest rushing total of his stellar career. (more...)
Steelers Lounge Podcast #3: Steelers-Titans Recap
- September 19, 2010

And before you listen, a post-game quote from Mike Tomlin to set the tone: “Regardless of what our demise is being reported, we expect to win. (more...)
Steelers, Big Ben Find a Way to Beat Browns and Colt McCoy
- October 17, 2010

Four plays later, Mendenhall scored and that was that. The Steelers would go on to win 28-10, and despite covering the 13.5-point spread, we can’t praise Colt McCoy’s performance enough. Instead, he more than held his own, looked as poised as a rookie with no real offensive weapons can look, and completed numerous passes into tight coverage. (more...)
The View From 522: Steelers vs. Browns
- October 18, 2010

Apparently there was a small group of protesters outside the stadium, but we encountered none of them. The Post-Gazette , however, has some pictures, including this one. Some advice to any Steelers fans (or opposing teams’ fans) that may be attending a future game at Heinz Field: Eat before you get into the stadium and don’t waste your money inside. (more...)
The Steelers, Point Differential and Winning
- October 18, 2010

During Thursday’s preview Podcast for the Steelers-Browns game, JJ talked about how important it would be for the Steelers to not only beat Cleveland, but to also win big because championship caliber teams don’t just beat the teams they should beat, they blow them out. (more...)
Mike Tomlin Press Conference Notes: Steelers-Dolphins
- October 19, 2010

He was targeted 17 times last week and caught 10 of them. We have to minimize the damage, sort of like we did with the Falcons’ Roddy White in Week 1. I’m all for player safety — I’m a proponent of it. I think we need to safeguard the men that play this game, and we also have an obligation to provide as safe a game as we can — at every level. (more...)
James Harrison, Dirty Hits, the Media, Roger Goodell and NFL Safety
- October 19, 2010

Bush’s administration. I’m not trying to turn this into a political discussion and, frankly, I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, Tea Party or Whig. Rodney Harrison was suspended eight years ago for a helmet-to-helmet hit against Jerry Rice. And you know what? When he returned from suspension he was still a dirty player who still got fined for — you guessed it — dirty hits. (more...)
Is Dixon’s Injury Enough to Put Him on IR?
- September 25, 2010

In a little over two weeks, Ben Roethlisberger will return to the active roster. When that happens, the most logical move is to release a quarterback — Pittsburgh doesn’t need four of them on its active roster. Or they could put Dixon on injured reserve and go with Batch and Leftwich as the backups for the rest of the season. Such a move would keep the Steelers safe at quarterback, but it would also keep Pittsburgh from using Dixon as a change of pace over the final half of the ... (more...)
Steelers Unaffected by Heat, Administer Bucs Beatdown
- September 26, 2010

That’s included backing up Kordell Stewart, Tommy Maddox, Ben Roethlisberger and now Dennis Dixon. But when he’s gotten the chance, Charlie always impressed, perhaps never more so than Sunday against the Buccaneers. Just something to keep in mind. * I don’t want to dwell on this because I know some of you are Virginia Tech fans, and college allegiances run deep, so I’ll make it quick: in a shocking development, Cody Grimm was targeted early. (more...)
Jason Worilds Tops Alonzo Jackson Already
- September 26, 2010

This year’s Steelers’ second-round outside linebacker needed only three games to record his first NFL sack. Jackson never recorded a sack in his four-year NFL career. 29. That was the only game in 2009 that Pittsburgh did not allow a sack. * Rashard Mendenhall is showing more consistency in his second year as a Steelers’ stater. (more...)
The View From Section 147 at TampaBurgh
- September 27, 2010

The only difference on Sunday in sunny, scorching Tampa was that there may have been 30-35,000 Steelers fans in attendance at Raymond James Stadium. It was hard to find Buc fans tailgating Actually, very few Bucs fans were tailgating before the game, but plenty of Pittsburgh fans were decked out in a variety of Steelers’ garb. (more...)
Baltimore Finds Out Again, You Can’t Run On the Steelers
- August 28, 2015

Ray Rice had a 14-yard touchdown run in the first quarter. But after that run, here’s a rundown of each and every Baltimore run over the remaining 46 minutes of the game. Even with the 14-yard touchdown run, Baltimore ended up average a depressing 1.9 yards per carry (35 yards on 18 carries). Whether the Steelers’ face the Patriots or Jets next week, they’ll likely face a team that is less willing to give up on the running game. (more...)