Deebo Gets 1-Game Vacation
- December 13, 2011

If the Steelers win out, they also win the division and have the No. 1 seed, too, I believe.) As it stands, the Steelers are on a crash course for TEBOW in the first round of the playoffs. (more...)
Mike Wallace: the Most Productive WR in the NFL?
- October 29, 2011

So that’s what we’re doing. ELSM fleshed out his original idea, added some tables and here it is. We want to thank him for taking the time and I should note that this was supposed to be on the site earlier this week and it’s my fault that it didn’t go up till Saturday. (more...)
Examining the Steelers’ Philosophical and Pragmatic Moves and Non-Moves that Will Make Getting Under the 2012 Salary Cap Both Challenging and Risky (Part 3)
- October 26, 2011

Those two articles will provide the background information needed to fully understand this article. There can be no debating that the Steelers are in a very tight salary cap situation for 2012 that at the very least must be a dubbed a mess. (more...)
Steelers Face Tough 2012 Offseason Decisions, But Are Not in “Salary Cap Hell” (Part 2)
- October 25, 2011

The phrase is being commonly used, but to simply declare that the Steelers are in “salary cap hell” for 2012 would be incorrect after detailed analyses. But since Starks returned three games ago, Roethlisberger has one total turnover to go with 9 TD passes, as the Steelers are riding a 3-game win streak. (more...)
Explaining the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2012 Salary-Cap Quandary (Part 1)
- October 24, 2011

Tuesday’s article will delve into specific challenges Pittsburgh’s front office faces in the upcoming offseason, but will focus on explaining why it would be false to simply conclude that the Steelers are in “salary-cap hell” even if the numbers imply that is an apt description. (more...)
Aaron Smith Back on IR; Great Career Likely Over
- October 23, 2011

The announcement capped a bizarre 36 hours, since it was reported on Friday that practice-squad defensive end Corbin Bryant had been signed to the active 53-man roster, but the Steelers did not reveal how they made room for Bryant until later today, even though Smith had to be placed on IR before the Steelers could officially promote Bryant. (more...)
Anatomy of a Sack: Keisel vs. Gabbert
- October 20, 2011

You’re welcome in advance. With 3:25 remaining in the first quarter and facing a 3rd and 6 on their own 34, the Jaguars came out in a four-wide set, Gabbert in the shotgun and a running back to his left. Pre-snap, he’s lined up just inside Timmons, over the left tackle’s left shoulder (image 1). Just before the snap, he moves inside and attacks the Jags’ left guard and center (image 2). (more...)
Playing The Slot Corner For The Steelers Is Never Easy
- October 18, 2011

Fans get upset thinking about Gay’s struggles to matchup with tight ends and slot receivers in man coverage. They consider him smaller and slower than they would like a Steelers cornerback to be. So he lines up outside of the slot reciever and attempts to bump/route him to the inside. Why does LeBeau’s defense emphasize routing receivers inside? My best guess is because a corner working outside to inside is turned to see the quarterback and the rest of the backfield. (more...)
Hines Ward Is Up For the Madden ’12 Cover (Sort of)
- March 23, 2011

He’s taking over popular culture one step at a time this offseason. Ward enters the March Madness style tournament as a No. 2 seed and opens up with a first-round matchup against Carlos Dunlap from the Cincinnati Bengals (you can vote here). (more...)
New Steelers Draft Math: Don’t Take a Guard*
- March 22, 2011

Albert had played guard at Virginia (Eugene Monroe was the left tackle), but a lot of people — Mike Mayock included — had him projected to be an NFL tackle. They are a Health Miller injury away from having a glorified guard playing the position. If you are still unconvinced, consider this: the Cowboys and Patriots use a lot of two-tight end sets and both were better-balanced offensive teams than the Steelers last season. (more...)
Kickoffs May Not Be As Big a Problem for Steelers in 2011
- March 22, 2011

The NFL approved a rule change on Tuesday that will move the kickoff location back to the 35-yard line, which should, in theory, increase the number of touchbacks for teams across the league. The league also increased instant replay by making all scoring plays eligible for review by the replay official in the booth and tabled the vote on changing the language on defenseless receivers (basically, what you saw last year is what you’re going to get this year). (more...)
SL Discussion Thread for Week of March 21
- March 21, 2011

Former Cal U (PA) quarterback Kevin McCabe came off the bench in relief of injured quarterback Bernard Morris and completed 10-of-14 passes for 110 yards and three touchdowns. Good for the Giants. Bad for everybody else. – You can read up on Ted’s latest Mock Draft right here if you haven’t already done so. (more...)
Redefining ‘Steeler Football’: Is It All About the Passing Game?
- March 21, 2011

His response: yards per pass attempt. He then noted that if you look at that number at the end of any random game, the team with the advantage in that category more often than not would be the team that won. (more...)
Pittsburgh Steelers’ Draft Value Board
- March 19, 2011

It is also is based on the Steelers’ staying at their slotted pick in each of the first four rounds (not trading up or down), as well as the percentage (%) chance that the player listed will be available at that spot in that specific round. (more...)
Jonathan Baldwin, Tall Receivers and the Steelers
- March 19, 2011

The topic was sparked by a mock draft from, of all places, Bleacher Report that justified the selection of Baldwin by saying the Steelers need somebody long and tall to complement Mike Wallace. (On those three Super Bowl teams, for what it’s worth, the Steelers received just six catches from a wide receiver taller than 6-foot-1 — all of them coming from 6-foot-5 Limas Sweed during the 2008 season.) Back in the early days of Football Outsiders Ryan tackled this topic and found ... (more...)
Steelers Lounge Podcast #40: It’s the Offseason, Part IIII — Myron Bell
- March 18, 2011

The discussion then turns to whether A.J. Green — if in some alternate universe he somehow happened to be available — would be worth drafting (hint: yes). Finally, we shoot the bull about the CBA and what it will mean for the current team. Namely: Willie Colon will be back, hopefully somebody will convince him to play guard, and then Pittsburgh will just need to concern itself with re-signing Ike. (more...)
Watch Hines Ward’s Dancing With the Stars Debut
- March 11, 2011

The Steelers wide receiver made his debut on ABC Monday night and from what I’ve been told by people that know about these things (translation: my mom) he received solid marks from the judges. I’m sure fans in Baltimore, Cleveland and Cincinnati will have nothing to say about this when the Steelers make their annual visits to their AFC North rivals. (more...)
View From 522: Steelers vs. Ravens
- January 18, 2011

The same couldn’t have been said for the stands (mostly due to me, I imagine). Even after two quarters of football that saw the Steelers offense hand out points like it was their job, I said that it was only going to take one play to turn everything around. (more...)
Mike Tomlin Press Conference, Steelers-Jets: The Talking Points
- January 18, 2011

Steelers very familiar with them having already played them — and lost — at Heinz Field. Two-headed running back attack with Tomlinson and Green that is very effective. Aaron Smith will practice and they’ll see where he’s at as the week goes on. – “We need to stop Brad Smith from going 97 yards. (more...)
Steelers Lounge Podcast #31: Ravens-Steelers Recap — Donnie Shell
- January 17, 2011

Lord have mercy. There’s a lot to talk about it — from Ziggy Hood’s coming out party to Deebo taking over to Ben being Ben and the rookie wideouts, to quote Trent Walker, being all growed up (before our eyes!) — so let’s dispense with the words and get to it. (more...)