Examining the Steelers’ Philosophical and Pragmatic Moves and Non-Moves that Will Make Getting Under the 2012 Salary Cap Both Challenging and Risky (Part 3)
- October 26, 2011

Those two articles will provide the background information needed to fully understand this article. There can be no debating that the Steelers are in a very tight salary cap situation for 2012 that at the very least must be a dubbed a mess. (more...)
Mike Wallace: the Most Productive WR in the NFL?
- October 29, 2011

So that’s what we’re doing. ELSM fleshed out his original idea, added some tables and here it is. We want to thank him for taking the time and I should note that this was supposed to be on the site earlier this week and it’s my fault that it didn’t go up till Saturday. (more...)
Deebo Gets 1-Game Vacation
- December 13, 2011

If the Steelers win out, they also win the division and have the No. 1 seed, too, I believe.) As it stands, the Steelers are on a crash course for TEBOW in the first round of the playoffs. (more...)
Steelers Lounge Podcast #64: 49ers Preview – Jeff Hartings
- December 16, 2011

Either way, Gretz and I talk about Gatorade baths, Big Ben’s ankle, the playoff race and Deebo (in a shocking development, Harrison’s suspension was denied; we recorded this Thursday night but worked from the assumption that, you know, Harrison’s suspension would be denied). (more...)
View From 522: Steelers vs. Browns
- December 19, 2011

I mean even more than usual. I’ve really been slacking on these this season, I know, and I apologize. But it’s been hard to find time to squeeze them in during the week and, making matters worse, during Thursday’s game against Cleveland I realized my camera battery wasn’t charged so I don’t even have any random pictures of obscure or random jerseys. (more...)
Eagles 24, Steelers 23: Preseason Game 1
- August 09, 2012

But you don’t care about any of that. You care about the individual players, who stood out, who didn’t, and which players broke rule No. 1 of preseason football and had to leave the game with an injury. He touched the ball quite a bit and even though it didn’t always result in a huge play, it always seemed to be exciting. After one preseason game the Todd Haley offense seemed to deliver on a lot of its promises, at least as it relates to a lot of short, quick, high ... (more...)
Steelers Lounge Podcast #74: Willie Colon
- August 21, 2012

Gretz recaps his view from 522, reiterating that he’s not all that concerned with the lack of depth at running back. On the other side of the ball, JJ laments the reality that Chris Carter could very well be the opening-day starter as well as the possibility that Jason Worilds could begin the year on the PUP. (more...)
2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Projected Roster and Other Goodies (V 3.0; Worilds on PUP)
- August 24, 2012

As we have wrote since the end of last season, this is the weakest the bottom half of the Steelers’ training-camp/preseason roster (players 45 through 90) has been in nearly a decade, which is why picking the team’s final 53-man roster is not only less worrisome than usual, but may even be fruitless at this juncture. (more...)
Steelers Win The Game Against Panthers, But Lose Spence, Brown And Golden
- August 30, 2012

Personally, I wish that the proposed two-game preseason had been enacted this year. We’d possibly still have a healthy David DeCastro, lost to a knee injury last week against the Bills, and maybe we’d still have a healthy Sean Spence, lost to a knee injury tonight against the Panthers. (more...)
2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Projected 53-man Roster and Other Goodies (V. 4.0)
- August 31, 2012

With all the various Steelers who are nursing injuries that may sideline them for week 1, and Pittsburgh a strong possibility to claim a released player or two from other squads due to injuries and/or a lack of talent in the second half of the Steelers’ preseason roster at several positions, it is unlikely anyone can accurately project the squad’s 53-player opening-day roster at this point. (more...)
View From 522: Steelers vs. Jets
- September 17, 2012

We call it The View From 522 (because that’s where he sits). It was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh on Sunday. I don’t want to be the guy that starts with the nonsensical overreactions after two weeks of football, but here is the one thing I haven’t liked about the Todd Haley offense through two games (and that is an admittedly absurd statement to start off with): The desire to hand the ball off to Isaac Redman every first down and allow him to plow into the line for ... (more...)
View From 522: Steelers vs. Eagles
- October 10, 2012

We call it The View From 522 (because that’s where he sits). Driving to the game on Sunday I told my brother that one of two things was going to happen: Either the Eagles were going to play the exact same type of game they had played over the first four weeks of the season (tight, close, and right down to the wire) and their luck would run out, or they would play their best game of the season and steamroll the Steelers. (more...)
Our Pets Heads Are Falling Off
- October 13, 2012

They haven’t won a game away from Heinz Field since Week 17 of last season against the Cleveland Browns, a road losing streak that has now been extended to four games. The Steelers did, and they got whammy’d. Some facts to consider: - Teams that go for it on fourth-and-seven from outside of the 20-yard line convert, on average, 43 percent of the attempts. (more...)
View From 522: Steelers vs. Redskins
- November 01, 2012

We call it The View From 522 (because that’s where he sits). When you really stop and think about it Sunday’s 27-12 win for the Steelers was a pretty bizarre game. Has been for three years, still is today, and should be for a few more years into the future. But he’s an unrestricted free agent after this season and unless the Steelers slap the franchise tag on him he’ll be eligible to hit the open market where there will be no shortage of teams lining up to sign ... (more...)
Charlie Batch is no longer an NFL quarterback … and hasn’t been for quite some time
- November 25, 2012

By doing this they acknowledge the reality that a situation may in fact come up during the season that will force him on the field. That situation was Sunday during what turned out to be a 20-14 Steelers loss in Cleveland, a game that was probably the worst three hours of football any NFL fan outside of Cleveland has ever had the displeasure of watching. (more...)
The NFL is crazy
- December 03, 2012

I didn’t see anyway a team quarterbacked by Charlie Batch, coming off of last week’s performance in Cleveland, could go into Baltimore and win. That’s a passer rating of 74.8. The biggest play to Miller on the day wasn’t necessarily his game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter, but the 43-yard catch and run he made on the first drive of the third quarter to help set up Jonathan Dwyer’s 17-yard touchdown run (the one that was sparked by the lead blocking of ... (more...)
View From 522: Steelers vs. Chargers
- December 11, 2012

We call it The View From 522 (because that’s where he sits). How does a team with Charlie Batch at quarterback go on the road and beat the first place Ravens, only to return home one week later — with Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback! — and get its lunch money stolen by a reeling San Diego Chargers team that is clearly going through the motions and simply playing out the string? That’s the question of the week after the Steelers embarrassing 34-24 loss on Sunday ... (more...)
Steelers Lounge Podcast #88: Lynn Swann
- November 15, 2013

Not to be deterred, Rapoport reported the exact same thing Thursday night. I really have no idea what to make of that other than Rapoport is just trolling for the sake of it. Anyway, we talk a lot about this, look back at the Bills game and discuss the Steelers’ chances against the Lions. Sneak preview: Those chances are not good. (more...)
2014 Pittsburgh Steelers’ NFL Draft Needs, Positional Analysis 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers’ NFL Draft Needs, Positional Analysis
- April 29, 2014

The team had an amazing run of successful 1 st -round picks from 2000-08, but recently-departed 2009 pick Ziggy Hood can now be labeled the worst opening-round selection of the Colbert era. NFL teams must have quality depth to advance to the playoffs, which Pittsburgh has now missed for two seasons ongoing for the first time this century. (more...)
4 Different 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Drafts 4 Different 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Drafts
- April 01, 2014

Any of these players may be gone by the round they are slotted below, but all have been listed as available in that spot through multiple mock drafts or scouting rankings from outlets such as ESPN, CBS Sports, etc. Remember that compensatory picks rewarded cannot be traded. Thus, the Steelers enter this draft with the following nine selections: 1(15), 2(46), 3(97 C), 4(118), 5(157), 5(173 C), 6(192), 6 (215 C), 7 (230). (more...)