Steelers Sticking With Hines Ward In the Slot
- August 20, 2010

One of the first stories we posted here at the Lounge was a look at what Santonio Holmes’ departure would mean to Mike Wallace. What we found was that Wallace faced starting cornerbacks on most passes thrown his way last year, so that wouldn’t really change this year. (more...)
What’s Behind This Insane Dennis Dixon Controversy?
- August 20, 2010

What’s behind this story? My guess, as I pointed out in the comments, is Dixon’s agent, Jeff Sperbeck. (Yes, I’m going to answer Florio’s “theory” with a “theory” of my own. Now, here’s where Florio comes in. My guess is it went down a little something like this… Sperbeck approached Florio, spoke to him on “background,” and floated this asinine theory, which Florio then ran with, and continues to run with. (more...)
This Steelers’ Blog Bets the Post-Gazette Is Wrong on Predicting 8 LBs
- August 19, 2010

However, the Steelers kept nine linebackers the two previous seasons before 2009 on their opening-day roster. In fact, their roster is usually flexible among 8-9 linebackers and 6-7 defensive linemen to go with 9 defensive backs. The Steelers have cut some recent fourth-round picks (e.g., Orien Harris, Fred Gibson). However, those players had poor training camps, while Thad Gibson has excelled. (more...)
Stan Savran Administers Logic Beatdown to Mike Florio, re: Dixon vs. Big Ben
- August 19, 2010

Even on the surface, it’s a theory you might expect to find written in shit on the walls of a mental institution. Most sane people would quietly move on and hope that this would all soon be forgotten. Undeterred by common sense and reasoning, Florio trudged onward. Florio: I’m also troubled by the fact that Leftwich comes back and is automatically installed as the starter for those first four games with no opportunity for Dixon to win that position. (more...)
Analyzing the Last In and Out (Part 1)
- August 18, 2010

These next three preseason games and three weeks of practices could make or break the roster chances for most of these men. On that note, today and tomorrow we will break down why the top seven players on each of those lists could make the team and why they may not, starting with the last seven currently projected to make the opening-day 53-man roster. (more...)
Analyzing The Steelers Offense Against The Lions
- August 18, 2010

Players Who Impressed Matt Spaeth: I’ve been harsh on Matt multiple times in the past. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that it’s hard to explain why the Steelers would use him as their regular No. Instead he had no problems in pass blocking and helped open some holes in the running game. He was facing second and third-team Lions players, so we’re not talking about a group of future Hall of Famers, but that doesn’t detract from what was a very solid ... (more...)
Over/Under: 14.5 Sacks for LaMarr Woodley
- July 29, 2010

His contract situation is up in the air, mostly due to the current state of the Collective Bargaining Agreement — and he’s not happy about it — but he’s still going to be reporting to training camp on time. Also: he’s really, really good. Working Against Him: Quite honestly, I’m not sure. Perhaps the contract situation, if still unsettled, is a distraction, but I’d think that would push him even further because he would have something to prove/play ... (more...)
Over/Under: 5 Interceptions for Steelers Cornerbacks
- July 28, 2010

And those two didn’t occur until the Week 17 game against the Miami Dolphins, when wily veteran Deshea Townsend picked off Chad Henne in the second quarter, which was followed by Ike Taylor taking one away from Tyler Thigpen on the final play of the fourth quarter. (more...)
Kevin Colbert Gets 5-Year Extension
- July 28, 2010

Since taking over the job in 2000 — replacing Tom Donahoe, and you can read a nice comparison of their drafting records by clicking right here — the Steelers have compiled a 103-56-1 regular season record (.643 winning percentage), a 10-4 playoff record, won five division titles, appeared in four conference championship games and won two Super Bowls. (more...)
Over/Under: 1,250 Yards For Rashard Mendenhall
- July 27, 2010

When it turned out that he was, the team didn’t waste any time and grabbed him in a classic case of taking the best player available. His career didn’t get off to the best start, with his rookie season ending prematurely after his shoulder was shattered in a collision with Ray Lewis, and then carrying the ball just seven times through the first three games of the 2009 season, while also facing criticism from Mike Tomlin for “not knowing his assignments” leading up to ... (more...)
ESPN Training Camp Power Rankings: Steelers 19th
- July 27, 2010

The writeup: “The first four to six games without QB Ben Roethlisberger could make or break their season.” Well, duh. Even without Roethlisberger, I’m still not sure that the Steelers are worse than several of the teams ranked ahead of them, including the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers. (more...)
Over/Under: 70 Receptions for Heath Miller
- July 26, 2010

Five seasons later, there’s no longer much of a debate: Miller is simply one of the best all-around tight ends in the NFL, and is coming off a career season that saw him haul in 76 passes for over 780 yards. And with as good as Miller is, and as reliable as he’s proven to be, it’s only natural to assume he could see even more passes headed in his direction. (more...)
Training Camp Preview and Roster Projections: Defensive Backs
- July 21, 2010

Tuff Harris for No. 4 safety spot on roster Projected for 53-Man Roster: (10) Polamalu, Clark, Taylor, McFadden, CB William Gay, S Will Allen, Lewis, Burnett, Butler, Mundy Analysis: The 2009 season made one argument abundantly clear: Troy Polamalu is the most valuable Steeler. (more...)
Pouncey: ‘I Did Not Accept $100K’; Calls It ‘Absolutely Ridiculous Claim’
- July 21, 2010

Don’t want to upset the delicate sensibilities of Gators fans, so I won’t bring that up. (more...)
Training Camp Preview and Roster Projections: Linebackers
- July 20, 2010

Projected for 53-Man Roster: (8) Harrison, Woodley, Farrior, Timmons, Larry Foote, Jason Worilds, Fox, Gibson Analysis: In James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley , the Steelers easily have the best tandem of 3-4 OLBs in the game and the best 1-2 pass-rushing combo as the two have combined for a league-high 51 sacks in their two seasons together as starters. (more...)
Jonathan Scott’s Not Likely the Answer
- July 20, 2010

But the Steelers’ offensive line has been pretty poor even at full strength, and when Willie Colon snapped his Achilles’ tendon, they just lost their best offensive linemen. So in roughly three and a half games, Scott gave up three and a half sacks and had a hand in another sack allowed. That was a pace that would have made him the NFL’s worst pass blocking offensive tackle over a full season. (more...)
LaMarr Woodley Really Would Like a New Deal
- July 20, 2010

Compounding his predicament: the looming threat of a work stoppage, exacerbated by the “30 percent rule” which, as Yahoo’s Michael Silver explains, “states that renegotiations and extensions may not increase a player’s compensation (which includes base salary, likely to be earned incentives and pro-rated roster and option bonuses, but not signing bonuses) more than 30 percent annually, beginning with the season preceding the reworked deal.” So ... (more...)
Chester Pitts Signing Would Be A Signal
- July 20, 2010

Pitts likely will have options to be a starter somewhere, so it’s unlikely he’d be coming to Pittsburgh to add depth (he’s started all 114 games he’s played in his career). It is comforting to see that Pittsburgh is investigating all options to replace Colon (they’ve also talked to free agent Flozell Adams), because the in-house options (Trai Essex/Jonathan Scott) aren’t all that comforting. (more...)
Scouting Report On Pitts From A Texans Expert
- July 20, 2010

Here’s what she had to say: “Great player when he was healthy. Terrific guard. It’s sad about his injury because he was due a payday. I think a number of teams will be kicking the tires on him to see how his rehab went.” I asked Stradley is she thought Pitts could slide back out to tackle. (more...)
Bad Ideas: Would You Want Terrell Owens on the Steelers?
- July 19, 2010

Because if there’s one thing the Steelers need more of right now, it’s another sideshow that is known more for his off-field antics than his on-field production. This is not the Terrell Owens that tortured opposing secondaries with the 49ers, Eagles and Cowboys. This is a wide receiver that will turn 37 in December and has seen his production decline in each of the past three seasons . (more...)