Trudeau calls on Catholic Church to take responsibility for residential schools


Media reports indicate the Church of Christ the King (Catholic) will also participate.

Downtown Sudbury churches have been encouraged to ring their bells 215 times at 2:15 p.m. Friday, signifying the remains of 215 children found recently on the grounds of a former residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia.

"We're still seeing resistance from the church", Trudeau told a news conference in Ottawa.

Speaking to pilgrims and tourists in St. Peter's Square, he stopped short, however, of the direct apology that many Canadians had demanded from the Catholic Church for its role in the residential schools, which operated between 1831 and 1996 and were run by a number of Christian denominations on behalf of the government.

"The Catholic community in Canada has a decentralized structure".

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops did not respond to a request for comment.

"Be there to help in the grieving and the healing, including with records that are necessary", he said.

"We do want an apology" from the Church, she said, "a public apology, not just for us, but for the world. holding the Church to account".

"In a brief submitted to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples in November 1993, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops said that 'various types of abuse experienced at some residential schools have moved us to a profound examination of conscience as a Church'".

On Wednesday, Vancouver Archbishop J. Michael Miller said on Twitter "the Church was unquestionably wrong" and his archdiocese would be transparent with its archives and records regarding residential schools. Each diocese and religious community is corporately and legally responsible for its own actions.

Pope Francis on Sunday expressed sorrow over the discovery in Canada of the remains of 215 Indigenous students of church-run boarding schools but didn't offer the apology sought by the Canadian prime minister.

The UN called on the Vatican to help investigate a mass grave found at a Catholic school for Indigenous children in Canada.

"Large scale human rights violations have been committed against children belonging to indigenous communities, it is inconceivable that Canada and the Holy See would leave such heinous crimes unaccounted for and without full redress", the United Nations added.

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