Lobster Diver Injured When Caught in Whale's Mouth

A group of humpback whales are seen feeding near Gloucester Mass. in this

After what Packard estimated to be about 30 seconds in the mammal's mandibles, he said the whale surfaced quickly and spit him out.

"Then I realised, oh my God, I'm in a whale's mouth. and he's trying to swallow me", he said.

But then he oriented himself and didn't see any teeth.

The center's entanglement response team found that the whale had a heavy line lodged in its mouth, but because sea conditions were poor, it could not be freed.

"I think it was a surprise to all involved". "I finally - I'm gonna die, '" he told WBZ.

He plucked Packard out of the water, according to the Cape Cod Times, and used his radio to call authorities on the shore.

"My first thought was I can't believe I got out of that situation", Packard said. "There was really no getting out of there".

Packard, an experienced diver, told WBZ that he still had his breathing apparatus on in the whale's mouth.

Packard was in real danger, Mayo said, if not from the whale's gullet, then from the air pressure in his own lungs as the whale surfaced to spit him out.

He said that he floated in the water for a bit as his shipmate and striped bass fisherman came to help scoop him out of the water.

Michael Packard was diving off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts, Friday, when the capital cetacean caught him unawares. In the end, Packard said, he was "all bruised up", but whole.

"I still l had try regulator in my mouth I was still breathing", he recalled to the television station.

When he was chucked out of the mouth like a sunflower seed shell and landed in the water virtually unscathed save for bruised legs, Packard was simply dumbfounded.

Packard's beyond-belief big fish yarn began, he told local paper Cape Cod Times, when he was diving for lobster off the coast of the northeastern state of MA. "So I have every reason to believe that what they say is true", she told AFP. "In those places I'm not aware of a single incident of people having problems with them", Stormy Mayo said.

When a humpback feeds, he said, 'they do what we call gulp feeding, and they an open their mouths up incredibly widely, ' which Jooke Robbins, the director of Humpback Whales Studies at the Center for Coastal Studies, said could limit their forward vision.



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