Kenney, Shandro offer clarity on Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery

Alberta adds fewer than 200 new cases for 5th straight day but vaccine demand decreasing

We just need one final push so we can lift them all and get back to normal.

"We need to beat the virus once and for all", he said, noting the program is being instituted to ensure widespread immunity and it benefits every Albertan.

The "Open for Summer Lottery" is being implemented to encourage more Albertans to get vaccinated.

"This lottery will help us cross that 70 per cent threshold so we can reopen and stay open", Kenney said in a media release Sunday announcing Monday's media event.

Knowing that uptake for first doses would wane, the Alberta government had been actively brainstorming creative solutions, finally landing on the mega-prize lottery modelled after similar draws in the United States and Manitoba.

Last week Timothy Caulfield, who is research chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta stated that an incentive lotto program like this one might prove to be helpful for the vaccination process.

Not everyone is so optimistic.

She said the province is "throwing money" at vaccine hesitancy, a complex issue that won't be solved by cash incentives.

"And for those people, I really don't think giving them whatever it is, a one-in-a-million chance to win money, is actually going to make a big difference".

Kenney said there's been a dropoff in the past 10 days of first doses administered and bookings being made. Currently, with 60,429 first-dose appointments booked over the next seven days, Alberta is projected to hit the target on Friday, .

Registration for the first draw will close one week after 70% of eligible Albertans have received a dose, and the July victor will be drawn when Stage 3 of the Open for Summer Plan begins.

To date, more than 68.7 per cent of eligible Albertans have received their first dose, including 20.2 per cent who are fully vaccinated with two doses.

Starting today, anyone eighteen years of age and older who have received their first dose of the COVID vaccine can enter the lottery for one million dollars at

As of June 12, 3,384,026 doses of the vaccine were administered in Alberta, and 767,586 residents have been fully immunized with two doses.

The second, 2nd dose lottery victor of one million dollars will be announced on August, 31 with registration closing on August 24.

Draws are also to be held and the victor announced August 31 and September 30 for people who are fully vaccinated.

The third, 2nd dose draw for one million dollars will happen on September 30 with registrations closing on September 23.



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