Denmark Game at Euro 2020 Suspended After Eriksen Collapses

Some of Christian Eriksen’s teammates broke down in tears

The fans in the stadium, who were celebrating the chance to see their national team again live at the stadium, sat silently in their seats waiting for news of Eriksen's condition to filter through.

The Danish Football Association has confirmed via Twitter that Christian Eriksen is awake and has been sent for more tests at a local hospital.

Denmark's match will Finland will resume at 7.30pm United Kingdom time following Christian Eriksen's shock collapse on the pitch earlier in the afternoon. He was transported on a stretcher to a nearby hospital, where officials said he was stable and awake.

Denmark players, clearly in a huge amount of distress, formed a barrier around the player as medics continued to work on Eriksen.

Eriksen fell during the 42nd minute of a match against Finland.

After receiving a throw in, it first appeared that Eriksen, a 29-year-old Danish star, had merely stumbled to the ground.

When play resumed, Pohjanpalo put Finland ahead against the run of play in the 60th minute when he rose above Joakim Maehle to head home a cross from Jere Uronen.

UEFA later announced the match has been suspended due to medical emergency.

The Denmark midfielder received the ball and fell head over heels into the pitch, which instantly caused referee Anthony Taylor to signal for the medical team to come on.

Finland fans started chanting the name of the Inter Milan midfielder. Kjaer, the captain, was particularly emotional, and was subbed off 20 minutes after the 8:30 p.m. restart.

Christian Eriksen, the whole of football is with you. The players were back on the field less than two hours after the incident.

Finland scored in the 59th minute with its only shot of the game, its first goal ever at a major worldwide tournament.



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