Caroline Crouch husband guilty of murder

Crouch murder

The 33-year-old helicopter pilot and flight instructor Babis Anagnostopoulos had publicly claimed student Caroline Crouch, 20, had been killed during an invasion of the couple's home near Athens.

Custody of the child - who was in the room when her mother was killed - will be granted either to Crouch's parents, who lives on the Aegean island of Alonissos, or to the parents of 33-year-old helicopter pilot Babis Anagnostopoulos, who confessed to the young woman's murder on Thursday.

The couple's infant daughter was found unharmed, and the family dog choked to death on its leash, authorities said.

Charalambos Anagnostopoulos confessed to murdering his wife Caroline Crouch.

"That night we were fighting early".

His story in tatters, he eventually told police the truth, telling police he killed her when she threatened to end their relationship.

"I lost my temper, I suffocated her with the pillow".

He told Greek television: "I can not describe it".

'Police are doing their job and they will catch them.

A statement from the Hellenic Police on Twitter just a few hours later then said: "Investigation of the homicide of a 20-year-old native that took place on May 11, 2021 in Glyka Nera".

"I hope this will not happen to anyone else. I hope what my family and the family of my wife has been through will not happen to anyone again".

The account shocked the nation and prompted government officials to announce a €300,000 ($475,000) reward for information about the crime.

Firstly, there was negligible evidence that robbers had been on the scene, with no DNA, fingerprints, security footage, or any other sign present typical of a robbery.

Police said Anagnostopoulos admitted during a six-hour interrogation to strangling his wife during an argument, while their baby daughter wasn't far away.

Police also found that Anagnostopoulos had "suspicious" activity on his cellphone at the exact time of the murder-despite his claim he was tied up and immobile.

Anagnostopoulos played the game for as long as he could, even posing as a grieving husband on social media with statements like "sad that our daughter will grow up without remembering her lovely mother, who was the joy of my life".



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