Apple's iOS 14 privacy changes undermined by workarounds, says report

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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is underway, and the first topic of discussion during the event was iOS 15. There's a lot to unpack, so let's dive in. "Apple does not have access to this information when a user chooses to share it with a loved one or doctor", the company says.

Future updates to iOS will be offered as two options, letting users choose to gain all the new features in iOS 15 or exclusively security updates on iOS 14.

Taking a page out of Zoom's playbook, Apple is bringing support for inviting anyone to a FaceTime video call via a link. The down side is that it seems like you'll still need to use an Apple device to start or schedule a FaceTime call. Two new microphone features let you toggle between voice isolation, which picks up your voice and drowns out ambient noise, and wide spectrum, which lets your FaceTime calls hear everything going on around you.

Health-related updates in iOS 15 will provide iPhone users a view into the health stats of other iOS users. A New Shared With You section will show up in those apps so you can see who shared it with you and jump back into a message to continue discussing the content.

If using your iPhone becomes overwhelming due to the constant barrage of notifications from all the work and personal apps you use, iOS 15 will likely be a game-changer. Urgent notifications are still delivered immediately so they won't show up in the summary, though users can mute any app or messaging thread if they deem it not urgent. Apple will provide an alternative way to help senders bypass the DND mode for truly important messages, though. The feature will let you mute your device's notification alerts based on what you're doing at the time. The public release of iOS 15 will come this fall.

These changes to notifications are coming in iOS 15, which is available in beta today for select iPhones.



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