"America is back": Brussels upbeat on eve of Biden’s Europe trip

Volodymyr Zelensky left and Joe Biden

President Joe Biden's meeting with leaders of the G7 leading industrial economies in an English seaside village this week will usher in a new focus on rallying US allies against common adversaries - the Covid-19 pandemic, Russian Federation and China. He added that the United States will respond if Russia's "harmful" activities against Washington continue.

US President Joe Biden is traveling to Europe for meetings with political and military leaders.

The trip will be far more about messaging than specific actions or deals.

Biden, a Democrat, vowed to rebuild relations with allies after four rocky years under former President Donald Trump, who pulled Washington out of several multilateral institutions and threatened at one point to quit North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

"He will go into this meeting with the wind at his back", National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said.

Biden's to-do list is ambitious.

Biden is also expected to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin. They will also talk about ways to support developing nations and counteract the influence of China. Biden also wants to nudge outlying allies, including Australia, to make more aggressive commitments to the worldwide effort to curb global warming.

This weekend, the President and Dr. Biden will meet with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.

The president will first attend the G7 summit in Cornwall. It comes at a moment when Europeans have diminished expectations for what they can expect of USA leadership on the foreign stage.

The European Union is hoping its summit with the United States will bring an end to trade disputes. Germany is looking to see the US troop presence maintained there so it doesn't need to build up its own. Sullivan told reporters Biden would press the Russian president on USA priorities and values.

Biden is scheduled to return to Washington after concluding his summit with Putin next Wednesday.

His first stop late Wednesday will be an address to US troops stationed in Britain, and the next day he sits down with British Prime Minster Boris Johnson. He will visit the United Kingdom from June 9 to 13 to attend the Group of Seven (G7) Summit and hold bilateral meetings with leaders of G7 members. "Joe Biden is not meeting with Vladimir Putin despite our countries' differences; he's meeting with him because of our countries' differences".

But as the world crawls out of the coronavirus disaster, Biden is positioning the United States as the lynchpin for vaccine sharing and ensuring economic recovery. Another, Germany's Angela Merkel, will leave office later this year.

With the world still crawling out from under the wreckage of Covid-19, Biden is casting his diplomatic marathon as a return to badly needed USA leadership.

Another central focus will be China.

Biden will have to work to convince European partners that he is to be depended on.



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