Covid lab origin theory gains traction in United States

World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

He also said "scandalous inequity" in vaccine distribution is perpetuating the pandemic and urged WHO's 194 member states to support a massive drive to vaccinate at least 10% of people by September.

The theory was again catapulted into the spotlight earlier this week when a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) exclusive report claimed three employees from the laboratory were hospitalised with a seasonal illness in November 2019, citing a USA intelligence report. The newspaper reported that a previously undisclosed USA intelligence report claimed that three researchers at the Wuhan Institute had become very ill in 2019 and sought hospital treatment.

The White House said on Tuesday that it expected from the World Health Organization an "expert-driven evaluation of the pandemic's origins that is free from interference or politicisation".

"Now, there were phase one results that came through". "But the data may add weight to calls from China's critics for more transparency and to the World Health Organization team's desire to return to the country for further studies", it said.

On Tuesday, she told reporters, "We need access to the information that the Chinese government has in order to make a determination through the global bodies that would do this investigation".

The Biden administration has updated the U.S. call for a more complete investigation of its origins COVID-19After a report last weekend, the theory that the disease was accidentally released from a research institute in Wuhan, China, was supported. We would certainly participate in that with all of our research-resources from the United States.

The WHO said in a report in March that the possibility that the CCP virus may have escaped a laboratory was "an extremely unlikely pathway".

The demand for further investigation is in stark contrast to the beginning of a pandemic where scientists quickly gathered on the idea that the virus passed from bats through intermediate animals.

The report was a culmination of the United Nations agency's joint investigation with Chinese scientists into the origins of the CCP virus in January and February of this year.

In May, there have been multiple calls to further investigate the origins of the CCP virus, including from worldwide scientists, the United Kingdom government, and U.S. House Republican leaders, with an emphasis on investigating the laboratory leak theory.

Addressing reporters on Monday evening, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian hit out at the claims, insisting they are "totally untrue".

Dr Anthony Fauci, senior White House health adviser and director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, said recently that he was also not convinced about the natural origins of the coronavirus and called for further investigations.

However Scott Gottlieb, a former head of the Food and Drug Administration, told CNBC the failure to find the intermediary species believed to have brought the virus to Wuhan added to the speculation.

"This matters", Berman told Haberman in Tuesday's interview.

'For nearly 18 months, health and care workers all over the world have stood in the breach between life and death, ' WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the opening of the organisation's main annual assembly.



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