Canada Warns Michigan Oil Line Shutdown Could Undermine US Ties

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The United States is obliged to give a 10-year notice to Canada of closure of the pipeline, which brings 540,000 barrels-per-day of oil into Canada. "Canada relationship has been successfully managed for generations", Ottawa said.

Line 5 is a crucial energy artery not only for Ontario and Quebec, but for MI and surrounding states as well - all depending on it for gasoline, propane for heating homes and jet fuel.

The government of Alberta, Canada's main crude-producing province, welcomed the federal government's intervention. -Canada relationship has been successfully managed for generations", the Trudeau government said in a brief, adding that "Michigan's move "threatens to undermine important aspects of that cooperative worldwide relationship".

Trudeau said Tuesday morning that he had already raised the pipeline issue with President Joe Biden directly, but that talks between Ottawa and the MI governor have been going on for months, mostly through Canadian Ambassador Kirsten Hillman.

MI has ordered Enbridge to shut down the pipeline citing environmental concerns but the company says it has never experienced a leak in the underwater portion of the pipeline in 68 years.

The order needs a confirmatory order from a judge to enforce it, and Enbridge and MI are disputing whether the issue should be heard in state or US federal court.

"There is no court order to shut down the pipeline". The state won't enforce shutdown of pipeline without a decision by a state court, Lynsey Mukomel, spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Attorney General, said by email.

Whitmer, a Democrat, wrote to Enbridge on Tuesday threatening to seize company profits if Line 5 continues to operate past the Wednesday deadline. "We are in full support of the Canadian government filing a brief to try to continue mediation between Enbridge and the State of MI".

The two sides are headed to court-ordered arbitration on Tuesday and McKnight says he doesn't think a shutdown order is in the works.

The mayor of Sarnia, where the line begins, says up to 4,900 jobs could be lost if it's shut down, with another 23,000 jobs across Ontario also expected to disappear. They plan "Evict Enbridge" rallies in Mackinaw City, Michigan, on Wednesday and Thursday.



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