Veteran Minneapolis Police Officer Calls Chauvin Kneeling on Floyd's Neck "Totally Unnecessary"

BLM activist Buildings will burn if Chauvin isn't convicted of murder

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo is expected to testify during the trial's second week, perhaps as early as Monday. He told jurors that he believed the cause of death was asphyxia.

Langenfeld said that "any amount of time" a patient spends in cardiac arrest without immediate CPR decreases the chance of a good outcome.

Dr Lagenfeld could not recall whether or not Floyd was still cuffed on arrival but he did remember seeing indentations from the handcuffs on his wrists.

Under cross-examination from Nelson, Langenfeld said Floyd's carbon dioxide levels were more than twice as high as levels in a healthy person, and he agreed that that could be attributed to a respiratory problem.

He has pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter charges in the case being heard by a racially diverse 12-member jury.

Arradondo, the city's first Black chief, fired Chauvin and three other officers the day after Floyd's death last May, and in June called it "murder".

Langenfeld, who tried to revive Floyd before pronouncing him dead, said he surmised that Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, most likely died of suffocation.

This morning he argued, 'As the court is aware this is a totality of the circumstances analysis based on what a reasonable officer would do under similar circumstances.

According to Assistant Attorney General Matthew Frank the defense's motion was simply a bid by Chauvin to "enter self-serving hearsay" without having to testify.

"Was talking With Mom & She Said "I Watched Trial Of Policeman Who Killed George Floyd, & Cried", Cher tweeted. Last year, the chief released a statement castigating Chauvin, saying: "This was murder - it wasn't a lack of training".

A slightly tetchy Judge Cahill warned the prosecution that their approach was "starting to get cumulative, ' telling them that they were not going to be able to 'call every other police officer" and ask them, 'What would you have done?' "If Cher uses her celebrity to help, thanks", one said.

Those watching have now seen with our own eyes, the over nine minutes of the charged officer's knee on the neck of George Floyd while he struggles for his life. "Eventually, within minutes of that, I saw for the first time what is now known as the bystander video".

Langenfeld, an emergency physician, testified he took over Floyd's care.

The city moved soon after Floyd's death to ban police chokeholds and neck restraints. "She wishes she could've helped George Floyd, like any of us".

He took over months later, after Harteau was forced out over the fatal shooting of Australia native Justine Ruszczyk Damond, who had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her house.

Judge Cahill told the court that he will "deal with Mr Hall's invocation of his right" first thing Tuesday.

Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo testified on Monday that officer Derek Chauvin violated the department's training policies and its "values" by kneeling on George Floyd's neck after he had stopped resisting.

Arradondo fired Chauvin last summer along with three other officers who responded to the Cup Foods on May 25, 2020.

He said at the time: 'Mr. But he was criticized following Floyd's death.

Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell had already told the jury Arradondo would "not mince any words" during his testimony.

What did the police chief say?

Another senior Minneapolis police officer, Inspector Katie Blackwell, testified on Monday about the training in the use of force that Chauvin and other officers received.

'He will not mince any words.

Many hoped he could change the culture of a department that critics said too frequently used excessive force and discriminated against people of color.

"It is my firm belief that the one singular incident we will be judged forever on will be our use of force".

Prosecutors highlighted video from Officer Thomas Lane's body camera on which he can be heard suggesting to Chauvin after Floyd lost consciousness that he be turned on his side, showing that Lane seemed to grasp the danger.

Before he was pinned to the ground, a frantic Mr Floyd struggled with police who were trying to put him in a squad auto, saying he was claustrophobic.



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