ONTARIO: Province should brace for AstraZeneca shipment delay, Ford says

Vaughan playground

Some of the solutions being suggested are not in line with Ontario government policy.

"We're losing the battle between the variants and the vaccines", Ford said.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has retained Anil Kapoor, one of Canada's leading criminal and constitutional lawyers, to lead a legal team being assembled as we speak, to launch a legal challenge before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, most likely by way of injunction.

Premier Doug Ford's government imposed new restrictions early Friday to try to curb the wildfire spread of the virus, only to lift some of them over the weekend after a backlash by residents and doctors.

"We know thousands of people will get sick, precious lives will be lost, and we will be stuck in this living nightmare longer".

Ontario said 66,897 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine were administered in the province since Sunday's report for a total of 3,904,778 given out so far.

Meanwhile, the federal government says it expects about 1 million shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to arrive this week, as the two pharmaceutical firms continue delivering doses on a regular schedule.

However, the government's attempt to partially walk back the measures has spurred more criticism, as there have been no announcements of new strategies that advocates were hoping for.

In response, government House leader Paul Calandra said the proposed closure was to protect legislature support staff from COVID-19, something he said could not be accomplished by a virtual sitting.

"Outdoor gatherings will now be strictly limited to members of your own household only". However, other outdoor recreational areas such as soccer fields, picnic tables and golf courses have to stay shut.

The government will also seek to boost rapid testing, especially for essential workers, Trudeau said.

"We're now facing the devastating consequences of COVID variants that entered Canada through our borders at the start of this year". Businesses are already on the brink and more will go under without help.

The statement comes days after Ontario announced and then abandoned plans to close playgrounds and enhance police powers during an extended stay-at-home order.

"While Nova Scotia isn't in a position to reallocate vaccines, I have asked our officials to consider what resources we are able to provide while continuing to keep Nova Scotian's safe", said Rankin. The public health guidance remains for people to stay home. They may have underlying health conditions and worry about what they have read, she said.

Toronto, the country's largest city, Ottawa, Hamilton, Windsor and at least 19 other municipal police forces said they would not conduct random vehicle or individual stops though they had been given the power to do so.

"If you want to get the pandemic under control, you need to address this root cause... and if the province wants to get this under control, and tries to do that without efficient paid sick leave, it won't work", Juni said.



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