McCarthy Says Biden Pulled a ‘Bait and Switch’ from Moderate to Socialist

WASHINGTON DC- APRIL 20 Sen. Joe Manchin D-WV. speaks during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing to examine the American Jobs Plan focusing on infrastructure climate change and investing in our nations future

However, the polls found that vaccine hesitancy has increased, with CBS showing that 19 percent of Republicans say they might get the vaccine, and 30 percent saying they won't get it at all. "That's what we're going to try to work out today".

The meeting is the latest that Biden has held with lawmakers across the political aisle over the economic proposal, dubbed the American Jobs Plan. A major element running through the proposal is dealing with the effects of climate change.

But some Senate Republicans have criticized the plan as too wide-ranging in what it deems to be infrastructure and are drafting a counteroffer that's expected to cost somewhere around $650 billion.

Ms. Moore Capito indicated a willingness to support more spending than her plan calls for but said it should target key needs-Republicans and Democrats agree that an updated definition of infrastructure should include broadband internet-and be paid for with user fees, not higher taxes on corporations. "$568 billion is a lot of money". "And that's a significant investment in infrastructure". "This is a robust package", she said.

'Business Roundtable has long advocated for increased investment in America's transportation, water, energy and communications infrastructure, and we estimate that an investment of approximately $1 trillion above baseline over 10 years is necessary to return USA physical infrastructure to a state of good fix, expand capacity to meet expected demand and invest in new green infrastructure'.

A majority of funds would go toward roads and bridges, with the remaining funds for public transportation and railroads.

"While President Biden would like to do things that have nothing to do with infrastructure, my view is that we can have that conversation at some point in time, but what we ought to focus on is what we seem to have an agreement on", Toomey said. Manchin seemed receptive to the Republican proposal and anticipated bipartisan negotiations.

"I'm not a roadblock at all", Mr. Manchin said Sunday.

"It won't be the $2.3 trillion, that I can tell you".

Earlier in the day, Republican leadership announced that Scott would deliver the GOP's response to President Joe Biden's speech next week before a joint session of Congress.

"For anyone who sincerely wants to see a bold and responsible infrastructure plan finally enacted into law, there is only one path forward: bipartisan negotiations".



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