'It's a tsunami,' says Delhi High Court on COVID-19 crisis

People queue up at a shop to refill their oxygen cylinders in New Delhi on Saturday

Others said that it could also be a more unsafe variant of the virus coursing through the world's second most populous country where people live in close proximity, often six to a room.

India reported 349,691 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, the fourth day in a row the country has set a world record for daily infections during the coronavirus pandemic, according to government and scientific tallies.

Oxygen remains in short supply.

In Iraq, at least 23 lives were lost in a tragic fire at a Covid hospital.

The court told the Delhi government to give it one instance of who was obstructing the oxygen supply and said "we will hang that man", news agency PTI reported.

"The problem that Delhi continues to face arises primarily on account of the fact that the supply of oxygen to Delhi even at the allocated rate of 480 MT per day is not taking place", the High Court noted. In the north district, police also came to rescue of Sant Parmanand Hospital by providing 71 oxygen cylinders after they received an SOS message.

Representing the Delhi government, Senior Advocate Rahul Mehra said that the system will collapse if the city did not receive 480 metric tonnes of oxygen on a daily basis. But we have limitations and the biggest challenge right now is transporting it to where it's urgently needed.

The observation was made by a bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli as they heard a plea by Maharaja Agrasen Hospital over shortage of oxygen to treat patients.

Others said that it could also be a more risky variant of the virus coursing through India. Social media is full of stories of desperate people trying to find oxygen or a hospital bed for their friends and family.

Each plant will be able to produce 2400 litres of oxygen per hour, it said.

Multiple funeral pyres of Covid-19 victims in New Delhi, India.

Washington is under increasing pressure to do more to help India, the world's largest democracy and a strategic ally in President Joe Biden's efforts to counter China, as it grapples with a record-setting surge in coronavirus infections.

One "oxygen express" carrying 30,000 liters of oxygen arrived in northern Lucknow at dawn on Saturday, where armed guards were waiting to escort trucks to hospitals.

The New Delhi Television channel later cited the hospital chairman as saying the deaths can not be ascribed to a lack of oxygen.

"We direct all the suppliers to provide complete details of the oxygen that they supply in the NCT of Delhi of the hospitals to which they are supplied; the time at which they are supplied; and the quantities which they supply", the court ordered.



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