Family says 16-year-old girl shot dead by police in Columbus

Police cars at the scene of the fatal shooting in Columbus Ohio

One teenage girl is seen lunging at another with what appears to be a knife, when shots are heard and the girl collapses on the ground.

"It's just so ironic", he said.

I will provide more information as it becomes available.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating the fatal police shooting.

My sincerest condolences and prayers to the Bryant family. "They deserve answers. but fast, quick answers can not come at the cost of accurate answers".

Bryant told the outlet that Makiyah's grandmother and father had filled her in on the events that took place prior to the shooting.

The girl's mother, Paula Bryant, and the Franklin County Children's Services identified the girl as Ma'Khia Bryant.

Hazel Bryant told the Dispatch that she is Makiah's aunt.

The officer responds, "She had a knife".

Columbus police later produced bodycam footage of the incident, showing several people attacking a person before the girl was shot several times. He also noted that per the department's policy, officers can use deadly force to protect themselves or a third party.

"Whether this applies with that will be part of an investigation", he said at the news conference.

The shooting in a neighbourhood on the city's south-east side happened to coincide with announcement of the guilty verdict by a Minneapolis jury against a former police officer charged with murdering George Floyd by kneeling on his neck during an arrest previous year. "Tonight we pray for this family, we pray for this city, and we pray for our neighbours", Ginther said. He said there had been a police shooting.

According to the newspaper, police involved in the shooting were answering an emergency 911 call reporting an attempted stabbing by a female suspect.

Video taken at the scene shortly after the shooting shows two police officers kneeling over the girl, who is lying near a vehicle at the end of a driveway. One is performing chest compressions.

Graham recalled hearing four gunshots just outside his southeast Columbus home.

Around the time the video was made public, live television news coverage showed a growing crowd of protesters on city streets after dark, confronting a small line of police officers on bicycles.

"We know police lives matter, because you know why? When police are killed, the person is brought in and justice is served", Graham said.

"The neighbourhood has definitely went through its changes, but nothing like this", Shepherd said of the shooting. "But you couldn't even enjoy that", Shepherd said.



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