Dozens dead, injured in Taiwan train crash

Source Al Jazeera

Officials in Hualien county said rescue efforts were continuing.

Railway police said 36 passengers were classified as "out of hospital cardiac arrest" - a term for someone showing no signs of life.

The fire department showed a picture of what appeared to be the truck's wreckage lying next to the derailed train, and an aerial image of the end of the train sitting on the track next to a construction site.

"The top priority now is to rescue the stranded people", it said in a statement.

Another live broadcast by UDN outside the tunnel showed at least two undamaged train carriages with rescuers helping passengers escape.

60 people have been safely evacuated from the first three cars of the train and 27 have been sent to the hospital for treatment, CNA reported.

"It felt like there was a sudden violent jolt and I found myself falling to the floor", an unidentified female survivor told the network.

The eight-car train, carrying 350 people on its way to Taitung, derailed at 9:28 a.m. (01:28 GMT) north of Julian, according to Taiwan Railway officials.

During the festival, people return to ancestral villages to tidy up the graves of their relatives and make offerings.

Taiwan's mountainous east coast is a popular tourist destination, and the railway line from Taipei down the east coast is renowned for its tunnels and route that hugs the coastline.

Another image released by the Federal News Agency showed several passengers trying to get off one of the train's carriages, while others were seen kicking passengers out.

At least 34 people have died and dozens have been injured in a train crash in Taiwan.

In 2018, a passenger train with 366 passengers on board derailed in Taiwan's Yilan County, claiming 18 lives and wounding over 160. The train smashed into the truck while it emerged.



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