Crowds of Protesters Gather in London's Hyde Park

Police came under attack in Hyde PArk on Saturday

Police officers guard a street in London on Tuesday.

Eight police officers have been injured as anti-lockdown protests in central London turned violent. The demonstrators had gathered in early afternoon and marched along several major arterial roads including main shopping district Oxford Street.

In an official statement shared to Twitter, Met Police "strongly advised" people not to attend public demonstrations, "or any large gathering, for the protection of yourself and others".

"Officers are on site and will continue to engage with those present", it later added of the Hyde Park protest.

Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation said the scenes were disgraceful and he called for more action to protect officers from such violence. "We wish all our injured colleagues a swift recovery and will be supporting them as best as we can".

The protests, which also took place on Oxford Street, London's central shopping area, come nearly two weeks after Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were eased.

Police respond to the mass gathering as things turned ugly
Police respond to the mass gathering as things turned ugly

After more than three months, the roofs of non-essential shops, pubs and restaurants and hairdressers and gyms reopened in England about two weeks ago, returning the cities for their livelihood.

Organisers of the protest used online platforms and websites to appeal people to protest the pandemic measures.

The protesters view Covid-19 restrictions as unnecessary and a breach of their human rights.

England's latest Covid-19 lockdown measures have been in place since early January, after the United Kingdom saw a surge in cases.

The government is looking at introducing a passport scheme for a variety of settings, including leisure and hospitality as well as foreign travel, to verify if people have been vaccinated or have immunity from the virus.

Britain has been among the hardest hit in Europe by Covid-19, recording more than 127,000 deaths within 28 days of a positive test.



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