Chauvin Trial Day 3: Jurors, eyewitnesses watch body cam, surveillance footage

Derek Chauvin trial: First footage shown of George Floyd inside shop

A man who witnessed George Floyd's arrest broke down on the stand as he watched composite footage from the encounter.

He interacted with Floyd as police tried to get him into the squad auto, at one point telling Floyd "you can't win", in what he said was an effort to help Floyd and get him to cooperate with authorities.

In her testimony, Ross described how both she and Floyd struggled with their addiction to painkillers throughout their relationship.

Christopher Belfrey, a Minneapolis resident who was parking his auto on the street corner when he saw officers approach a vehicle Floyd was in, said he shot cell phone video that showed Floyd handcuffed and sitting on the ground outside after officers pulled him from the auto.

"It wasn't right - he was in pain", she said. "Mine was in my neck and his was in his back".

The equipment to treat a stopped heart was in the ambulance, Bravinder explained, and said there was a crowd of people yelling on the curb and so they wanted to move Floyd away from that to give him the vehicle he needed in the most "optimum environment" they could.

George Floyd's girlfriend tearfully told a jury Thursday the story of how they met - at a Salvation Army shelter where he was security guard with "this great, deep Southern voice, raspy" - and how they both struggled mightily with an addiction to opioids.

Chauvin, 45, who was captured on bystander video kneeling on the neck of a handcuffed Floyd for more than nine minutes, is charged with murder and manslaughter.

The most serious charge against the now-fired officer carries up to 40 years in prison.

Chauvin also mentioned that Floyd was "probably on something".

Mr Floyd was 6ft 4in and 223lbs, according to the post-mortem examination, which also found fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system.

Chauvin attorney Eric Nelson drove hard at Floyd's drug use in cross-examining Ross, asking questions aimed at showing the jury that it was unsafe.

In some of the video, Mr Floyd can be heard calling out "Mama!" repeatedly and saying, "Mama, I love you!".

Ms Ross also explained that both she and Floyd struggled to overcome opioid addiction.

Police body camera footage of Floyd's arrest was shown on Wednesday to the nine-woman, five-man jury hearing the case in a heavily guarded Minneapolis courtroom.

When Ross was shown a photograph of Floyd, one of several pictures of him that were shared widely after his death, she described it through laughs and tears as a "Dad selfie" because of the low angle from which he had taken it.

But she suspected he began using again about two weeks before his death because his behavior changed: She said there would be times when he would be up and bouncing around, and other times when he would be unintelligible. "It's something we dealt with every day". "It's one of my favourite stories to tell".

Ross said she believed that he had at times obtained pills from Hall.

She said she became upset because the father was not coming to the lobby to discuss their son's birthday.

She recalled: "Floyd has this great Southern voice, raspy". He is accused of killing Mr Floyd by kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes, 29 seconds, as he lay face-down in handcuffs. "I was like, 'No, I'm just waiting for my sons" father.' He said, 'Can I pray with you?'". "At the time I had lost a lot of faith in God".

The other three former police officers involved in the arrest-Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng-are to be tried separately later this year.

Minnesota is a rarity in explicitly permitting such "spark of life" testimony ahead of a verdict.

The motion requested that the court "quash the subpoena" pertaining to his testimony and "release Mr. Hall from any obligations therein".

During the trial, Hall has appeared in the police body camera footage shown by the prosecution.

She also told jurors that Mr Floyd had two girls, who he loved.

Under the store's policy, the $20 would have been deducted from Martin's paycheck, Martin testified, but he took it anyway because he said he didn't think Floyd knew the bill was fake and he thought he'd "be doing him a favor".

"That's one person's opinion", Chauvin responded to McMillian as he got into his squad auto.

"We had to control this guy because he's a sizable guy".



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