Andrew Brown Jr.’s family: Police bodycam footage shows ‘execution’

Lassiter said Brown did not appear to be a threat to officers as he backed his vehicle out of his driveway and tried to drive away from deputies with guns drawn.

In her declaration on Monday, Parker said she chose to issue the alert in order to ensure the safety of the city's citizens and their property as "city officials realize there may potentially be a period of civil unrest within the city following the public release of that footage".

Brown's family and their attorneys were expected to be privately shown the video at the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office Monday morning and hold a news conference immediately following.

"My dad got executed trying to save his own life", Brown's son, Khalil Ferebee, said after seeing the video of his father's death.

Lassiter, who watched the video multiple times and took notes, said the shooting started as soon as the video began and that she lost count of the number of gunshots fired by law enforcement officers armed with rifles and handguns. "It ain't right. It ain't right at all".

Officials in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, declared a state of emergency before the release of bodycam footage of the recent law enforcement-involved shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

The city, the county seat of Pasquotank County, had declared a state of emergency before the video was released. WAVY and other media organizations have petitioned the court to order the release of the footage, as well as the Elizabeth City City Council.

Wooten said last week that the investigation of the shooting has been turned over to the State Bureau of Investigation, and he said it has the body camera video.

"Twenty seconds is not transparency when you've got multiple officers gunning down a man with his hands on a steering wheel trying to get away", said Harry Daniels, an attorney for the family.

"In order to absolutely ensure that the city has all state and/or federal resources necessary to protect our citizens during such period of civil unrest, we deem it necessary to declare a state of emergency", she wrote.

The shooting last Wednesday, a day after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd after a highly publicized trial, has so far led to small, peaceful protests in Elizabeth City.

"They're trying to hide something", attorney Benjamin Crump said.

"It's so very important that we have transparency, because if we don't have transparency, we can never get to accountability, and if we never get to accountability, we can get to healing and trust", he continued.

"What is it on this video that is so damning?"



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