What you can and can't do in Greater Brisbane lockdown

Authorities urged residents to maintain social distancing and get tested

The shutdown effects Greater Brisbane and includes five council areas: Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, Morton and Brisbane.

Schools will close, and people will only be allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons including for food, exercise, essential work and medical reasons.

He is believed to be the "missing link" between the most recent outbreak and a doctor who tested positive earlier this month. She did some shifts there.

"I'm not sure whether that's where she's acquired it". We will have to wait for genome sequencing results that we should get back late together or tomorrow morning which will make it clear.

The man is a friend of the Stafford tradie who visited a large number of locations, including several outlets at the busy Westfield Carindale, while unknowingly COVID-positive last week.

The new directions also apply to those who arrived from Queensland earlier on Saturday.

Queensland Health said on Saturday night a Strathpine man, 25, had hosted a house party between being tested for coronavirus and receiving his results which is a period when he should have been self-isolating.

More than two million people in Brisbane were ordered into a three-day lockdown Monday after a cluster of coronavirus cases was detected in Australia's third-biggest city.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she is "comfortable" with the situation - as long as Brisbane residents continue to maintain social distancing and get tested when presenting symptoms.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young is scheduled to brief the Premier about the unfolding emergency today and further announcements are expected.

"They are important risk areas".

"I know it is really tough".

Outside the five local council areas, Queenslanders have been asked to wear masks when they can not socially distance.

Aged care facilities, hospitals and prisons will have visitor restrictions brought in, while all pubs and restaurants must ensure that patrons are seated.

A lockdown was necessary to help contact tracers contain the spread, she said.

A review will be conducted on Wednesday night, to see if the lockdown can be lifted in time for the Easter break.

Ms Young said 18 contacts of the Stafford man had been traced so far, but numerous venues he visited were not required to have electronic check-ins.

"We've seen what's happened in other countries".

The Prime Minister has agreed to halve our worldwide arrivals into hotel quarantine as well.

"The Queensland Government's got this, they've got a strong tracing system, they've got a very strong public health system there in Queensland I have a lot of faith in that".



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