Stranded container ship 'refloated' after blocking Suez Canal for 6 days

Race To Free Giant Ship From Suez Canal Continues

The closure could affect oil and gas shipments heading north to Europe and elsewhere from the Middle East. Syria has begun rationing fuel amid concerns of delays of shipments.

Overnight, several dredgers had toiled to vacuum up 27,000 cubic metres of sand and mud around the ship.

The Associated Press reported Saturday afternoon that two additional tugboats sped Sunday to Suez Canal to aid efforts to free Ever Given.

He assured that as soon as the ship is dislodged, all ships stalled in the shipping lane will resume operating within 47 hours, while five of the most state-of-the-art tugboats globally have been contracted to help re-float the Ever Given.

Borisenko added that Egypt has not reached out to Moscow for support, but said Russian Federation "empathises with what's happening now in the Suez Canal", describing it as "an important waterway for the whole world".

"The shortage of semiconductors right now is so severe, that kind of delay in supply, even by a week or two, could also lengthen the delays in semiconductor production, which has stalled automobile and other electronics' production", Lee said.

The stranded container ship blocking the Suez Canal for nearly a week was re-floated on Monday and is now being secured, Inchcape Shipping Services said, raising expectations the vital waterway will soon be reopened.

The 400-metre Panama-flagged Ever Given ship has been stuck sideways in the Suez since Tuesday morning after it ran out of power, this has meant that more than 200 vessels have been tailing back from the Suez Canal.

Crews from Egypt and around the world have been working nonstop to try to refloat the ship, but previous efforts have failed.

Speaking at a news conference on Saturday, SCA chairman Osama Rabie gave details of the rescue operation, which he described as "technically difficult" and "involving many factors".

For almost a week, the skyscraper-sized Ever Given hauling goods from Asia to Europe has blocked maritime traffic through the vital artery, holding up $9 billion each day in global trade and straining supply chains already burdened by the coronavirus pandemic.

"We are facing a hard and complicated situation, we work in a rocky soil, the tides are very high, in addition to the huge size of the ship and the number of containers that make it hard", he said.

Rabei said he remained hopeful that dredging could free the ship without having to resort to removing its cargo, but added that "we are in a hard situation, it's a bad incident".

Maritime experts say it can take a about 10 days of extra sailing time for vessels to travel around the Cape of Good Hope, depending on the destination in Europe.

Rabie raised hopes on Saturday that the Ever Given could be freed by Sunday.

Rabie added that the reasons behind the accident remained unclear.

Meanwhile, billions of dollars' worth of vital cargo and sensitive products are backlogged on the hundreds of vessels whose way is blocked.

NGO Animals International warned of a potential "tragedy" affecting some 130,000 animals.



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