NACI to say AstraZeneca vaccine OK for those over age 65

Germany France and Italy said on Monday they would suspend Astra Zeneca COVID-19 shots after several countries reported possible serious side-effects but the WHO said there was no proven link and people should not panic

Spahn said the European Medicines Agency would determine whether and how the new information will affect the authorization of the vaccine across the continent and expressed hope that the Amsterdam-based regulator would make a decision on the issue this week. Cyprus also followed suit.

There have been no reports of blood clots in patients in Canada.

A World Health Organization advisory committee plans to meet on Tuesday to discuss the vaccine, which Germany, France and Italy said on Monday they were pausing after several countries reported serious conditions in people who had received the shot.

The Centre West health authority, which runs the Decarie Square mass vaccination clinic, said about 12 per cent of those set to be vaccinated at the clinic over the weekend also refused the AstraZeneca shot. "We need all you guys here, '" Brown said.

Gentiloni told a press conference following a meeting of finance ministers that the "precautionary measures are justified" until further assessment from the EMA can "give certainty to our European Union citizens". Further proceedings would be discussed with the European and the national vaccine regulators this week, he said.

The AstraZeneca crisis comes as a number of countries battle worrying surges in coronavirus infections, a grim reminder that the battle against COVID-19 is far from over.

Blood clots are fairly common, Saxinger says, so investigators will look at overall numbers of people who received the AstraZeneca vaccine compared to those who reported the condition.

In their announcements, others countries also emphasized that their decision was made as a precaution.

The decision meant 43,000 vaccination appointments would be cancelled at short notice, the country's health authorities said.

Australia has acquired more than 50 million doses of the vaccine, which will be in production on our shores from later this month.

One of those who refused the AstraZeneca shot was Sheldon Ashley, who said he declined it on Sunday at the Olympic Stadium clinic once he was told the brand of vaccine that would be used.

A medical professional holds a vial of the AstraZenica coronavirus vaccine. "No causality has been demonstrated between the two events". Neither country specified which type of vaccines would be donated. "I will wait my turn", he said.

The domino effect began Thursday when Denmark was the first to pause the entire rollout of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines. They include Ireland, Thailand, the Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Congo and Bulgaria.

A spokesman for Ireland's health ministry told AFP that the rollout had been "temporarily deferred" after the country's advisory panel recommended a suspension because of concerns raised by Norwegian officials.

The EMA said Friday its drugs safety committee is reviewing blood disorders that have been reported in the aftermath of vaccination with the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab. Brown says vaccines work by stimulating our immune cells to grow and communicate with each other, giving directions on where to set up for an impending attack by the virus.

The EMA - which is also now carrying out a review into incidents of blood clots - said the vaccine could continue to be administered.

Those between the ages of 60 and 64 in Toronto, Kingston and Windsor-Essex have been able to get the AstraZeneca vaccine at more than 325 pharmacies since late last week. "This could for example be easy bruising - except for at the injection site, which is normal - or small red spots on the skin or bleeding that does not stop as normal".

"Many thousands of people develop blood clots annually in the EU for different reasons", the European Medicines Agency said. Accepting whichever vaccine is offered first "is how we get through this as quickly as possible and as safely as possible", Trudeau said.

However, it said, its investigations are ongoing, and the agency will "continue to communicate further as appropriate".



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