Joe Biden stumbles twice, falls while trying to board Air Force One

Joe Biden

"Biden falls repeatedly but I'm sure he's the picture of health". There's, of course, a doctor who travels with the president, any president of the United States, but I'm not aware of it needing actual, extensive medical attention, ' she said. He gripped on to the railing, steadied himself and kept going but lost his footing a second time and then a third.

Former US President Donald Trump's Palm Beach club at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida has reportedly been partially closed due to COVID-19 concerns, but banquet and event services were are running, according to the management. Just past year, then-Vice President Mike Pence stumbled while boarding Air Force Two, and in 2015, former President Barack Obama nearly fell down the stairs as he left Air Force One.

He fell three times as he walked up to the plane in Maryland and the White House blamed it on the "windy conditions".

Later, deputy White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre provided an update on the President following his fall.

'It's pretty windy outside.

Marked Safe from Stairs
Marked Safe from Stairs

Wind gusts were 19mph at Joint Base Andrews when the president was boarding the plane which is officially categorized as a "fresh breeze" by the internationally recognized Beaufort Scale.

Mr Biden is the oldest president in history to take the oath of office when he was sworn-in in January at the age of 78.

After sounding the alarm over President Trump's use of a ramp at the U.S. Military Academy during the 2020 presidential election, both CNN and MSNBC on Friday virtually ignored President Biden's intense fall while climbing the stairs onto Air Force One.

Trump Jr took to Twitter to share a meme in the form of a hilarious video that made it appear as if Biden was knocked down by a golf ball hit by his father former President Donald Trump.

He also recently suffered a hairline fracture in his foot in November after he slipped and grabbed his dog's tail while stepping out of the shower, an injury that required a walking boot.



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