Covid pandemic: Biden to order all United States adults be eligible for vaccine

US President Joe Biden speaks about the COVID-19 pandemic during a prime-time address from the East Room of the White House

Administration officials said he would deploy 4,000 more troops to help with the vaccine effort, bringing the total number to 6,000.

Biden announced plans to allow dentists, advanced and intermediate EMTs, Midwives, optometrists, paramedics, physician assistants, podiatrists, respiratory therapists, veterinarians, well medical students and nursing students to administer the vaccine.

As the vaccinated population slowly increases, Biden is conveying fresh hope even as he urges people to remain cautious to prevent further flare-ups.

US President Joe Biden on Thursday said his administration would seek to make all adult Americans eligible for the coronavirus vaccine by May 1, in the first primetime address of his presidency.

Biden noted that when he entered office, only eight percent of people 65 and up had received their first shot, contrasting that with the numbers who have gotten the vaccine under his presidency.

"A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked, denials for days, weeks then months - that led to more deaths, more infections, more stress, and more loneliness", the president said.

Biden campaigned past year on a promise that he would tackle the pandemic more effectively than Republican President Donald Trump, and he has sought to encourage and model behavior, such as mask-wearing, that Trump eschewed.

A woman receives the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine at Hartford Hospital in Hartford Connecticut
A woman receives the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine at Hartford Hospital in Hartford Connecticut

"Photos and videos from 2019 feel like they were taken in another era". But as the financial stimulus from the newly enacted relief bill reaches a growing number of vaccinated people, Biden offered cautious optimism to a country that, like the rest of the world, is exhausted of pandemic restrictions and economic pain. "The last holiday with extended family", Biden said, recounting the toll the virus has wrought. "We faced and overcame one of the toughest and darkest periods in this nation's history - darkest we've ever known", he said.

"Generally, the country likes optimism, and at this particular moment they're desperate for optimism, but you can't risk a "Mission Accomplished" moment, '" he said, warning against any premature declaration that the threat has been vanquished.

Coronavirus-related lockdowns and restrictions have cost millions of jobs, and Biden is focused on confronting the economic fallout. The $1.9 trillion package is a major political victory for the Democratic president fewer than two months into his administration. "Yesterday with the final passage of the plan in the House of Representatives, their voices were heard", Biden said Thursday.

In a major legislative win for Mr Biden, the spending bill, one of the largest in United States history, passed Congress without a single Republican supporter.

The bill includes $1,400 payments, an extension of jobless benefits, and a child tax credit that is expected to lift millions out of poverty.

He is set to announce the move during a speech on Thursday evening.



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