Biden assails Ga. voting law as 'atrocity,' Kemp lashes back

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The bill also expands early voting for primary and general elections, but not runoffs, while shortening the period between elections and runoffs from nine weeks to four weeks, after Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won a runoff in the state earlier this year. 202 that would make it illegal for members of the public to distribute food and water to people waiting in line to vote.

Voting rights advocates say the new rules discourage voters from sticking around in long voting lines.

Previous plans to require an excuse to vote by mail, as well as restrict weekend voting hours primarily used in larger Democratic-leaning counties were scrapped amidst mounting opposition from voting rights groups, Democrats and county elections supervisors.

Biden beat Republican Donald Trump in Georgia, the first win for a Democratic presidential candidate in almost three decades, and Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock ousted two Republicans in Senate races.

The Senate was scheduled to take up SB 202 as well as the other omnibus elections bill, HB 531 (you can read it here). He met with Stacey Abrams, the Democratic activist and former Georgia lawmaker, during his trip to Atlanta last week, and he criticized Republican proposals at his first news conference since taking office on Thursday. "And if we have to - if there's complete lockdown and chaos as a effect of the filibuster - then we'll have to go beyond what I'm talking about". Republicans say it will more fairly reflect voters' beliefs at the time of the initial vote.

Biden also voiced his strongest challenge to the legislative filibuster, signaling that he could be persuaded to endorse dramatic changes to the Senate procedure if it impedes the critical pieces of his agenda, potentially including voting rights.

Rep. Kim Alexander said county elections officials shared concern about the timing and the cost of the legislation, including a requirement for more expensive security paper for ballots.

Republican lawmakers in other states are engaged in similar efforts to exert more control over election boards that are supposed to be nonpartisan, as the New York Times reported Wednesday.

In-person early voting dates and times are expanded under the law. Republicans supported it, with Democrats opposed. Instead of finding a way to enact a party-line bill, Manchin has urged a bipartisan elections package.

Newly elected U.S. Sen.

It's far from clear, however, that Democrats and Republicans can find common ground on the issue. Sen.

"Sick. despicable", President Joe Biden said Thursday after Georgia Republicans pushed through new limits on voting activities in the wake of Democratic successes in the state, helped greatly by African-American voters.

"Georgia will take another step toward ensuring our elections are secure, accessible and fair", Governor Kemp told reporters while signing the bill. "I respect rules. but no Senate rule should overrule the integrity of our democracy".

State lawmakers have passed a bill, quickly signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp, that makes it drastically more hard for people to vote, in ways that will disproportionately affect poor voters and people of color.

It wasn't immediately known if Cannon had a lawyer who could comment.

State Rep. Park Cannon, D-Atlanta, is put into the back of a Georgia State Capitol patrol vehicle after being arrested by state troopers at the Capitol on Thursday after she tried to knock on the door of Gov. Brian Kemp's office after he signed a sweeping Republican-sponsored overhaul of state elections.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said: "I think anyone who saw that video would have been deeply concerned by the actions that were taken by law enforcement to arrest her when she simply, by the video that was provided, seemed to be knocking on the door to see if she could watch a bill being signed into law".



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