1 dead, six injured in stabbing attack at Canadian library

The stabbings took place in the afternoon in and near the library in an upscale neighborhood of the Pacific coast city

Canadian authorities charged a suspect with murder in the fatal stabbing of a woman and the wounding of six others in an early afternoon attack at a library in a Vancouver suburb on Saturday, police said.

Police say a 28-year-old man has been charged with second-degree murder in a stabbing rampage that left a woman dead in North Vancouver, B.C., yesterday. The IHIT said in a written statement that Bandaogo has undergone surgery for self-inflicted injuries and is in police custody. His background, history in BC, and relationship to the victims is still being determined.

Six people suffered stab wounds of varying severity. There did not seem to be any connection between them, with the attacker appearing to strike randomly, she said.

He said people brought tea towels and other supplies, including a first aid kit, to the library. "Somebody (had) obviously gone and got the first aid kit".

He described the matter as "very sad, especially since one of them was apparently a child", noting that his brother "was in the library only 30 minutes before the attack and my father meant to go to it to borrow a book".

"I don't even know what to say because this is such a safe neighborhood".

"Realizing he wasn't going to be able to intervene and stop a man with a knife on his own, he immediately began to back away and to call the attacker toward him". He said the man is in his 20s and has had interactions with police in the past.

A police personnel speaks on the phone at the Lynn Valley Main Library, where police said multiple people were stabbed by a suspect who was later taken into custody in the Lynn Valley neighbourhood of North Vancouver March 27, 2021.

Steve Mossop and his partner stopped when they saw a woman who was covered in blood while they were driving on Lynn Valley Road next to the library.

Witness Sheila Dyson told CTV she saw a man stab a woman.

The attack occurred in the early afternoon on Saturday at a public library located near a busy shopping area of a Vancouver suburb, shocking residents of the normally quiet area.

"Lynn Valley Library is a peaceful place".

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair expressed shock and sadness at what happened in a tweet, calling it a "senseless act of violence".

Sergeant Jang asked potential witnesses to provide statements and people who had video clips to hand them over to investigators instead of posting them on social media.



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