UAE has administered over 5 million COVID-19 jabs: Authorities

Japan set to begin 1st COVID-19 vaccine rollout targeting medical workers - Xinhua |

On Sunday, the government formally issued the country's first COVID-19 vaccine approval, for shots developed and supplied by Pfizer Inc. that have already been used in many other countries since December.

Clive Dix, who runs C4X - the body that buys vaccines on behalf of the United Kingdom government - said the entire United Kingdom adult population would likely be fully vaccinated within six to seven months.

Muhyiddin will be one of the first individuals to receive the vaccine to build confidence (and also prove it's safe).

More than 15 million people in the United Kingdom have already had their first dose of a Coovid vaccination, and over half a million have received a second jab.

"I want to do everything I can to make sure that we can get six doses, considering that there are so many people around the world waiting to be vaccinated, and Japan can't be the one country that is wasting its vaccines", Kono said.

Last week, the Ministry of External Affairs had said India provided over 229 lakh doses of coronavirus vaccines to various countries out of which 64 lakh doses have been supplied as grant assistance and 165 lakh on commercial basis.

The Prime Minister announced yesterday that the NHS has now begun sending letters out to over-65s and those with a clinical condition.

"The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a single-dose vaccine", he said.

That includes an order for 50m doses of a "next generation" vaccine being produced by Curevac that is especially suited to targeting emerging Covid variants.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine on Sunday became the first shot approved for use in Japan - which has lagged behind other major economies as it is running domestic trials before giving each jab the green light.

But further vaccines set to be added to Britain's roster in the coming months means ministers will soon be able to wind the cogs even faster.

"The ones that are being rolled off the line at the moment, they are doing very well", Dix told Sky.

The final destination of that shipment of around 600 vials is unknown but they were reportedly acquired via "internal channels" of genuine manufacturers. "Getting as many Oregonians as possible vaccinated remains a critical objective to ending the pandemic".



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