Pelosi: Independent commission to examine Capitol Hill riot

Police use tear gas against Trump supporters

In a separate letter to House Democrats earlier this month, Pelosi wrote that it is "clear that we will need to establish a 9/11-type Commission to examine and report upon the facts, causes and security relating to the terrorist mob attack on January 6".

"Security is the order of the day: the security of our country, the security of our Capitol, which is the temple of our democracy, and the security of our members", Pelosi wrote in the letter, adding that it was clear both from Honoré's findings and "from the impeachment trial that we must get to the truth of how this happened".

Donald Trump will pass his second impeachment test After being acquitted by the Senate, formed as a jury, charged with "inciting a rebellion" in an attack on the Capitol.

Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., a close ally of President Joe Biden, agreed Americans still don't know the whole truth about what happened, who is responsible and how it could have been prevented.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said in a phone interview that a similar panel for January 6 is a necessary step toward unearthing the root causes of the insurrection - going beyond Trump's immediate role to examine the extremists who heeded his call to descend on Washington last month.

For Democrats, the commission may aid in holding the president accountable after the impeachment inquiry failed to convict Trump with inciting supporters during his January 6 speech to stop the counting of votes for President Biden. The storming of the Capitol left five people dead, and ultimately led to Trump's second impeachment by the House.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gestures during a new conference
Nancy Pelosi says investigations are needed to get to the truth of how the riots happened

"His behavior after the election was over the top", Graham said. Lindsey Graham of SC was among lawmakers in support, telling Fox News that "we need a 9/11 commission to find out what happened and make sure it never happens again".

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who voted for Trump's acquittal, said he wants to know more about the timeline of the president's actions and what Congressional leaders knew about the potential threat.

Jordan and Nunes have been among Trump's most ardent supporters. "We need to push them, a lot", it added.

"It was powerful to hear the 57 guilties and then it was puzzling to hear and see Mitch McConnell stand and say "not guilty" and then, minutes later, stand again and say he was guilty of everything", said Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-Pa. "History will remember that statement of speaking out of two sides of his mouth", she said.

Pelosi's announcement comes just two days following the end of the Trump impeachment trial.

On Saturday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Trump's spread of false conspiracy theories about the election were partially to blame for the insurrection. Sund said in a letter to Pelosi last month, the former Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving said he was concerned about "the optics" and did not feel the "intelligence supported it".



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