NWS issues winter weather advisories for our area Posted Feb 13, 2021

National Weather Service issues Winter Storm Warning for Charlottesville-Albemarle for third weekend in a row

In Portland, significant freezing rain accumulation, with locally up to 1 inch of freezing rain and sleet, caused widespread power outages and unsafe roads.

"We certainly understand that it's not a great situation and we're doing everything we can to restore power as quickly as possible, but with the amount of ice and downed trees, there are a lot of individual outages", she told Statesman Journal.

The National Weather Service said all three states should brace for another surge of winter moisture to hit the Northwest Sunday night, potentially leading to more heavy snowfall through Monday. It remains in effect from 1 a.m. Monday to 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Western Washington was expected to get an additional 3 to 6 inches (8 to 15 cm) of snow on Saturday, with another 2 inches (5 cm) possible on Sunday and Monday. Wind chills ("feels like temperatures") could fall close to or below zero degrees.

And once the storm arrives Monday, it's expected to stick around until Tuesday afternoon. To emphasize my earlier point about how fast the forecast can change, it looked like we were going to see accumulating, perhaps even significant snow on Tuesday. That will transition into rain or freezing rain at night. Travel will likely be very hard if not impossible by Monday night. The NWS in Dallas is calling the snow threat a historic winter storm.

Snow has dominated the weather forecast in February, with flakes falling six out of the first 12 days. Hopefully, you have an inside space where they can stay at least for tonight and Monday night.

National Weather Service issues Winter Storm Warning for Charlottesville-Albemarle for third weekend in a row

The East Coast is experiencing a major storm with freezing rain, sleet and snow.

TUESDAY: Temperatures will remain below freezing on Tuesday so any ice that accumulates will still be causing problems.

Another round of winter precipitation and freezing temperatures are forecast Wednesday.

"Maximum cold weather preparations MUST be completed today", Jeff Lindner, a Harris County Flood Control District meteorologist, tweeted Sunday morning.

Precipitation is expected to end at around 6 a.m. Sunday with temperatures staying in the 30s, but actually feeling more like 18 degrees, the Weather Channel said.



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