No microchip in vaccines to control people's minds, says Khairy

More than 15 million in UK get first COVID vaccine, says minister

Today, altogether 13,768 beneficiaries received the Covid jabs, even as the administering of the second dose began for healthcare workers who had received the first jab 28 days ago, a senior official said.

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The groups that should be next in line, according to the province, include Indigenous adults in northern remote and higher risk communities and health-care workers with the highest risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Staff and essential caregivers in long-term care homes, high-risk retirement homes and First Nations elder care homes, and any residents of these settings that have not yet received a first dose of vaccine.

Alternative level of care patients in hospitals who have a confirmed admission to a long-term care home, retirement home or other congregate care home for seniors.

Adult recipients of chronic home care.

A separate health official, also asking not to be named, said that the government had acquired an initial 1,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine. Those who live in long-term care, high-risk retirement and First Nations elder care homes should get the second dose 21 to 27 days after receiving the first, as should residents of other types of congregate care homes for seniors and people 80 years and older.

"When the time comes for us to receive the vaccine, immediately register so that the target set to achieve herd immunity can be accelerated, which in turn will expedite economic recovery", he said.

But the federal government has indicated that Canada expects to ramp up its vaccination effort this spring when the country receives an influx in vaccines next month.

A source at the health ministry, speaking on condition of anonymity, said vaccinations had begun on Thursday.

"The big addition here is really for people who are aged 80 and older who are community dwelling".

Bogoch said details will be coming quickly because the vaccination sites will have to be up and running very soon.



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