Mental health concerns may be 'shadow pandemic'

1 in 8 young people experience mental health problems				
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Results showed that only 1/4 of respondents understood how crucial the first five years of a child's life were in setting them on life's course, and almost two-thirds of parents felt lonely during the pandemic.

The figures were even higher for fathers as almost two in five (37%) reported that they would be embarrassed, compared to just 22% of mothers.

Norfolk County Council is leading the initiative, on behalf of the Norfolk Children's Safeguarding Partnership, and has launched it to coincide with Children's Mental Health Week, running until February 7.

Kate Middleton recorded her first selfie video with an important reminder for parents ahead of Children's Mental Health Week.

The data also states half of all mental health problems manifest by the age of 14, with 75% by age 24, another reason why it is important to discuss your child's emotional wellbeing.

Kate, who is a patron of the charity, encouraged both parents and children to "express themselves".

A third do not know who is in charge of mental health and well-being at their child's school, the poll suggests.

Sharing data on the rise in mental health illnesses during the pandemic, Dr Afzal Siddiqui, consultant psychiatrist at Camden Primary Care, part of Mental Health Network in London, said, "It's a completely different world we live in today and the socio-economic impact of the pandemic has a correlation with a growing number of mental health illnesses".

'This is a hugely challenging time for us all so please look after yourself too, ' she said.

The prolonged social restrictions imposed due to Covid-19 pandemic have greatly affected mental health across the globe, causing a significant increase in psychological illnesses, noted speakers at a webinar organised by Ziauddin University (ZU) on Monday.

NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman said: "School leaders are deeply concerned about the impact of the pandemic and resulting lockdowns".

- The online survey questioned 1,029 parents of children aged five to 18 between January 8-10.

"There is a significant challenge for schools moving forward to support children's recovery and well-being and to fix any damage done to their mental health".



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