How many face masks are you wearing?

Is it time to wear 2 masks? Here's what local experts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are saying

The agency now says two masks are better than one.

While the CDC says that there are still some circumstances in which a simple cloth covering or medical mask will continue to be sufficient, they gave four examples of destinations that warrant a mask upgrade. "Think of your community, not everybody can wear a double mask".

Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in United States also called wearing two masks "common sense" as wearing two layers of protection would be more effective than wearing just one.

Researchers found that layering a cloth mask over a medical procedural mask, such as a disposable blue surgical mask, can block 92.5% of potentially infectious particles from escaping by creating a tighter fit and eliminating leakage. Surgical masks have three of those five layers.

Health officials also added recently discovered variants of the virus likely was a factor in releasing the new suggestion to double mask.

Schachtel further noted the CDC's own footnote, which acknowledges that "double masking might impede breathing or obstruct peripheral vision for some wearers, and knotting and tucking can change the shape of the mask such that it no longer covers fully both the nose and the mouth of persons with larger faces".

Is it time to wear 2 masks? Here's what local experts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are saying

Folks have some trouble getting access to one mask, so to ask them to wear two masks may be a bit of a burden. "The second mask should push the edges of the inner mask against your face".

For instructions on how to knot and tuck the ear loops of a medical procedure mask in order to improve the fit, the CDC linked to a YouTube video by UNC Health titled "Pro Tip to help your Earloop Mask Fit More Tightly".

Marcellino said he thought the renewed attention on masks and their effectiveness had been brought on by newly detected variants of COVID-19. "And now these variants are circulating... whatever we can do to improve the fit of a mask to make it work better, the faster we can end this pandemic".

The CDC lists two important ways to make sure a mask fits properly.

Another problem with surgical masks is they don't fit snugly against your face.



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