Former Michigan Congressman Paul Mitchell on impeachment trial

Bruce Castor and Michael van der Veen fared rather better on Friday than in their opening statements

The phone conversation between Tuberville and Trump has become a key part of the timeline of the former president's behavior during the riot as senators continued to hold the Trump's impeachment trial on Friday.

The Senate wrapped up its session at 6:29 p.m.

The bar for a conviction is high: House managers will need to convince at least 17 Republicans to vote with Democrats to meet it, and it's unclear at this point how many Republicans will vote with them.

His lawyers argued that convicting their client would violate his right to free speech, and that the swift impeachment process had abrogated his right to a fair trial.

Speaking on the same podcast, South Texas College of Law professor Josh Blackman said the distance between the White House and the Capitol, and the 30 to 45 minutes it might have taken to walk between the two buildings cuts against the argument that Trump imminently incited violence. Currently, all but six Republican senators have indicated that they do not believe the trial is constitutional.

The case is speeding toward a conclusion and near-certain acquittal, perhaps as soon as Saturday.

Earlier this week, Mr Trump's legal team asserted that the entire impeachment trial was unconstitutional and a violation of the former president's due process rights. Tim Scott, asking if the impeachment trial was a "political show trial created to discredit Trump and his policies".

The day saw one moment of bipartisanship, as the Senate voted unanimously to award a congressional gold medal to Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman.

"You didn't do anything wrong", Trump lawyer David Schoen said, addressing Democrats.

Senators sought to confirm whether Trump knew Vice President Mike Pence, who was presiding over the certification, was endangered by the Capitol attack when he sent a Twitter message criticizing him.

Were it not for Mr. Goodman's actions, Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, "people in this chamber may not have escaped that day unharmed".

Yet legal scholars have suggested that it's Trump lawyers who are ignoring the Constitution.

He noted he was not showing the video of Democrats to condone Trump's words nor was it about "what-about-ism".

Defense attorney van der Veen asked senators if they wanted to create a precedent of trying to determine the meaning and intent of a president's speech.

Earlier, Biden told reporters at the White House that he was "anxious to see what my Republican friends do, if they stand up", when it comes to the verdict.

"I dispute the premise of your facts, I dispute the facts that are laid out in that question, and unfortunately we're not going to know the answer to those facts in these proceedings because the House did nothing to investigate what went on" on January 6, van der Veen said in response to a question from Sen.

Van der Veen said there was a double standard at the heart of the prosecution's case, arguing that some Democrats had "encouraged and endorsed" violence that erupted at some anti-racism protests across the United States last summer without facing any legal consequences. He added that he did not think an effort to bar Trump from holding office again under the 14th Amendment would go anywhere.

The Senate will reconvene Saturday morning for up to four hours of closing arguments from both sides.

Trump is the first US president to be impeached twice and the first to face trial after leaving office. With the rush to bring this impeachment, there's been absolutely no investigation into that.



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