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Eva Mendes denies plastic surgery accusation left on her Instagram post: ‘My little ones need me’

I'm all for it. All. For. It'.

"My friend sent me this", Eva wrote alongside a screen-grab of a news headline that read "Eva Mendes denies plastic surgery accusation left on her Instagram Post post".

In the caption, the Hitch star laid out her concerns, writing: 'Regarding this "headline" ... ummm...

'Never "denied plastic surgery". "But not really", the mum-of-two wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of the article. Sounds aggressive to me. As a lot of you know, I reply to as many comments as I can. "That's all. Wanted to clear that up".

The post comes after the actress shared a selfie with a friend on Saturday, which counted as one of the rare photos of herself on social media.

Priviously, the 46-year-old actress had mentioned in a post that she took a step back from Instagram after her daughter told her she was "on the phone too much". "I'm not sure why I'm answering you but here I go". Explaining: "I'm posting less because I really want to be present for my family", Eva went on: "My little ones need me and posting takes up too much time". As far as getting work done, I will do that whenever I please. She adds that posting on social media is not a priority for her as she really has to be present with her family. So -big shocker -I choose family. Today, they share lovely daughters Esmeralda and Amada, both of whom are scrupulously kept out of the media along with the rest of their home life beyond Mendes' occasional hint at just how good Gosling is at cooking.

Eva Mendes has been with longtime partner Ryan Gosling since 2011 when they met filming The Place Beyond the Pines.

Mendes quickly set the story straight and explained that she has spent less time on Instagram so she can live in the moment more. Now, living with Ryan Gosling and your lovely shared babies while eating home-cooked meals sounds like a sweet full-time occupation to us - so frankly, we've never wondered much why Mendes doesn't post more photos of what she's doing throughout the day. Eva has been noted quite a few times earlier too.

Another user had actually commented on the post, asking the actress why she was absent on the social media app.

In November, she shared an Instagram photo of herself getting a "Mono-Threads" treatment at a spa in Beverly Hills.



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