COVID-19 probe: World Health Organization team visits China virus lab in Wuhan

Covid 19 coronavirus: China 'shocked' over Canada's Wuhan Wu-Tang 'bat' T-shirt

However experts insist that the earliest detected cases were in Wuhan and early cases outside of China were found to have travelled from the Chinese city.

Canada has said it regrets a "misunderstanding" after China lodged a formal complaint over a diplomat's order of a custom T-shirt displaying the word Wuhan, over the emblem of hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. According to the Canadian embassy in Beijing, the T-shirt was ordered months ago, but for some reason images of it suddenly began circulating on Chinese social media over the weekend.

But Canadian media reported the logo was a W in homage to the NY hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan and that Ottawa had apologized for any misunderstanding.

Most scientists reject the hypothesis, but some speculate that a virus captured from the wild could have figured in experiments at the lab to test the risks of a human spillover and then escaped via an infected staff member.

A suspiciously large number of Chinese "netizens" supposedly jumped to the conclusion that it was mocking the emergence of the coronavirus in Wuhan.

"China's government is extremely sensitive to accusations it was the source of the pandemic and failed to respond quickly enough when cases were first reported in Wuhan", as the Associated Press delicately explained.

"The T-shirt logo designed by a member of the embassy shows a stylised W, and is not meant to represent a bat".

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters Tuesday that China called on Canada to "thoroughly investigate the incident and give China a clear explanation".

On Sunday, the 10-person World Health Organization team also carried out a one-hour investigation into a Wuhan market, at which many people were confirmed to have contracted the virus in the early days of the outbreak in late 2019.

A team of World Health Organization investigators in Wuhan are visiting a laboratory Wednesday that has been the focus of conspiracies and speculation about the origin of the coronavirus pandemic.



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