Cops: When Hit Men Came, She Lied, Took Bullet for Daughter

Provided by New York Daily News  Brittany Cormier and Hope Nettleton were killed at home on Jan. 13

Two Louisiana women were killed in an alleged murder-for-hire case targeting a rape victim that was botched by mistaken identity, authorities said Monday. However, the alleged plot resulted in the death of two women including the accused rapist's sister.

Brittany Cormier was shot along with her neighbor, Hope Nettleton, who was at the home visiting and had tried to fight off the shooter, according to Soignet. Police say the men tried once in November and failed, but went back to her Montegut home on January 13, where they encountered 34-year-old Brittany Cormier, Beaux Cormier's sister, WVUE reports.

Hitmen Andrew Eskine, 25, and Dalvin Wilson, 22, have been arrested for the January 13 double homicide after the victims were found dead by deputies at a home in Montegut, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Timothy Soginet said in a press conference on Monday. The women were identified as 34-year-old Montegut resident Brittany Cormier, and 37-year-old Montegut resident Hope Nettleton. Both women died at the scene. Eskine and Wilson were financially compensated to commit the murder, the sheriff's office alleges.

Beaux Cormier had been arrested in Vermillion Parish on a third-degree rape charge of a relative and is a registered sex offender.

Before she was shot, Brittany Cormier reportedly told the shooting suspect that she was the rape victim, "likely saving the life of the actual rape victim".

Cormier hired Eskine and Wilson kill his niece and the three conducted surveillance on the target home 'sometime after July but before November, ' cops said. Eskine could not make it because he was out of town for work, but he let Wilson use his truck, according to the sheriff's office.

Terrebonne Parish District Attorney Joseph Waitz told reporters that he was in the process of scheduling a meeting with the victims before deciding on whether to seek the death penalty in these cases, though, he said, the death penalty is "absolutely on the table". She tried to struggle with the gunman shortly before getting shot, the sheriff said.

Eskine and Wilson later confessed to their involvement in the incident and named Cormier as the man who hired them, Soignet said. The key suspect is Beaux Cormier, 35. They are being held on a $2 million bond each, Waitz said, adding that he is considering filing a motion to increase the bond amounts in order to keep them behind bars.



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