Biden to meet with Republicans on COVID-19 relief

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According to CNN, the White House meeting with the 10 GOP (another name for the Republican Party) senators, led by moderate Senator Susan Collins of ME, is Biden's first publicly disclosed Oval Office session with lawmakers since taking office last month.

Biden welcomed the nine of the 10 members into the Oval Office Monday, as he was flanked by Vice President Kamala Harris, Collins and Romney.

"We all want bipartisanship and I think you're gonna see more of it as we move down the pike", he said, "We all look forward to working with Republicans".

As per the Republican plan, the stimulus checks would cost about $220 billion.

Collins' plan would extend $300 per week unemployment supplements through June 30.

The Republican proposal also would earmark more help for businesses, and limited help for school reopenings.

Also included the Biden plan is $350 billion in aid to state and municipal governments; $25 billion in rental assistance for low- and moderate-income households who have lost jobs during the pandemic; and a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and to end the tipped minimum wage and the sub-minimum wage for people with disabilities.

Numerous senators supporting this proposal were part of the bipartisan group of federal lawmakers in both houses of Congress whose compromise stimulus legislation jump-started final negotiations on a $900 billion measure that included $600 direct payments.

The Republican proposal, as it stands, was summarized in a letter sent to Biden Sunday by Sens.

Following the meeting, Collins said that no agreement was made, but that the sides would "follow up".

The lawmakers and Biden's team will also discuss the eligibility of dependents for stimulus checks.

"Mr. President, we recognize your calls for unity and want to work in good faith with your administration to meet the health, economic, and societal challenges of the COVID crisis", the Republican senators said in making their proposal.

Those elements were part of President Joe Biden's original Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus outline. She added that she is hopeful Congress will pass a bipartisan coronavirus relief package. Biden has proposed dramatically more funding for schools - $170 billion.

House and Senate Democrats released a separate budget resolution Monday a step toward approving Biden's package with a reconciliation process that wouldn't depend on Republican support for passage. That approach would allow legislation to be approved with a majority vote, instead of 60 votes, in the Senate.

What is the budget reconciliation bill?

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Monday announced their filing of a joint budget resolution.

China's top respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan has said he will appear with Anthony Fauci, the US President's chief medical adviser, at an online forum in March - the first public discussion of the Covid-19 pandemic between the two.

Those senators, who include Sen. "Further, many municipalities are wrestling with lost revenues that directly impact the delivery of many essential services to our communities".

Biden has expressed a desire to strike a bipartisan deal with Republicans, and the White House has acknowledged there would be wiggle room on what ultimately lands on the president's desk, save for the $1,400 amount.



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