'Welcome to the Brexit': Dutch border guards confiscate sandwiches from British drivers

The EHIC card will make way for a GHIC card

Footage aired on Dutch TV showed customs officers talking to a lorry driver who had just arrived by ferry from the United Kingdom at the Hook of Holland.

British newspapers are up in arms about the way Dutch customs officials are confiscating food from truckers arriving at Hoek van Holland, describing them as "gloating for confiscating a ham sandwich".

Dutch Tv set reporter Floris Prenger explained he and his crew noticed a "tiny mountain" of foods confiscated.

As per the official guidelines and the advice leaflets being handed over, if the drivers fail to declare possession of these sandwiches, or any other meat and dairy product, they could bear a fine or even criminal prosecution.

In a segment aired on public broadcaster NPO 1, officials are shown explaining to a driver arriving at Hoek van Holland, home to an worldwide ferry terminal: "Since Brexit, you are no longer allowed to take food to Europe, like meats, fruits, vegetables, fishes - those kinds of stuff".

Customs officers showed off the confiscated things which bundled Waitrose chicken fillets, American Tropicana orange juice, Spanish marmalade oranges and even Dorset Cereals muesli.

Under new rules that aim to stop the spread of animal diseases, travelers from outside the bloc are banned from bringing in meat, dairy, fruit and veg. Welcome to Brexit, sir.

Drivers cannot say they were not warned: the British government in December gave the example of ham and cheese sandwiches as food that could not cross to the continent after Britain formally abandoned European Union trade rules on 1 January.

The UK Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have said that all travellers should "use, consume, or dispose of prohibited items at or before the border".

According to the European Commission, meat and dairy imports are banned because they can contain pathogens causing animal diseases which "continue to present a real threat to animal health throughout the union".

So far, there hasn't been a huge issue with Brexit-related delays and traffic build-up at Irish ports. However, there has been some warnings to people about the new changes. We will follow it up. "Please heed that message".



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