USA appeals court rejects lawmaker’s bid to have Pence overturn Biden’s win

Lawyer Jenna Ellis listens to Melissa Carone who was working for Dominion Voting Services as she speaks in front of the Michigan House Oversight Committee in Lansing Michigan

In apparent preparation for his role confirming President-elect Joe Biden as the victor of the 2020 election on Wednesday, a group close to Vice President Mike Pence spent $25,000 on ads to convince President Donald Trump that Pence is loyal to him, according to Bloomberg.

"Grassley, the Senate president pro tempore, says he and not Vice President Mike Pence will preside over the certification of Electoral College votes, since 'we don't expect him to be there, '" Roll Call reported.

The Club for Growth - whose president is friends with Pence - paid for the ads to be aired to the Palm Beach, Florida, market last week while Trump was on vacation in Mar-a-Lago, Bloomberg said. "The problem for Plaintiffs here is that they lack standing", Judge Jeremy Kernodle said in the ruling, explaining that the standing is a crucial component of a court's jurisdiction and its lack in this case means that "the Court lacks subject matter jurisdiction over this case and must dismiss the action". The lawsuit was considered the last ditch legal effort remaining for supporters of President Trump, many of whom retain hope that some avenue remains for overturning the results of the electoral college vote. Trump's mandate expires on January 20. 11 Republican senators and senator-elect led by Senator Ted Cruz have declared that they would not vote to endorse Joe Biden as the next US President.

Rep. Louie Gohmert has had a long legal career since graduating from Baylor Law School in 1977, but is now facing legal sanctions for his attempt to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election.

About a dozen senators and 140 House Republicans have indicated they will oppose the certification of Electoral College votes.

Chad Pergram tweeted: "Fox is told, that officials here at the Capitol are expecting Vice President Mike Pence to arrive at the Capitol and fulfill his duties presiding over the Joint Session of Congress to certify the electoral votes. But..."

The lawsuit further suggested that the Constitution gives the vice president the power to In addition to the effort from the Justice Department to toss out the farfetched lawsuit, lawyers for the House of Representatives had also asked the judge to reject the Gohmert suit, saying it would "authorize the Vice President to ignore the will of the Nation's voters".

A spokesman for Grassley later said the 87-year-old senator did not "have any indication Pence won't be present", and instead meant that he would fill the vice president's chair if he failed to show up or steps out of the Senate for a break.

The vice president spoke while campaigning for Republican Sens.

On January 6, both houses of the US Congress will be summoned to approve the Electoral College vote.



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