Twitter Roasts Meek Mill Over Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey

He also bought her dozens of white roses in honor of her big day. Although these holidays are over, Lori and Michael are definitely a ideal couple. He then broke up and made a decision to have fun during the winter. The first picture appears to be Jordan leaning to kiss Harvey on the cheek.

Over the weekend, Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan went Instagram official with their love - but Twitter found a way to make it about Meek Mill and proceeded to roast him. He looked her in the eye, waiting for a reaction.

"10:10 HBD", he wrote, revealing his sweet pet name for Lori with a turtle emoji. The actress responded, "I'm tweeting from the mortuary", indicating that she figuratively died after receiving the news. Lori is definitely a ideal 10, and Turtle seems to be her nickname for Lori. In.

The Black Panther star posted two photos with Harvey. "Happy birthday Turtle!" Jordan added.

Lori Harvey has been linked to several other high-profile celebrities as well, including Trey Songz, Diddy and more recently, Future.

Steve harveyThe daughter-in-law's daughter-in-law who manages to grab hold of the sexiest man around and make him be openly affectionate and wrapped around her pinky finger launched Lori to iconic status when it comes to date attractive and famous men. And Lori completed this collection of hot exes when she was 23!

Harvey then replied, writing, "Thank you nugget". Her crush even led to her referring to him as her boyfriend, further sharing photoshopped images of them together.

The source told the news outlet that they 'can tell that she feels different about Michael than she has about any other guy she's dated in a long time.



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