TSMC will start manufacturing Intel CPUs, says agency

The first computers with Alder Lake chips are set to debut as soon as the second half of 2021. Credit Intel

The next-gen 11th Gen H Series chips are aimed at the lower end of the spectrum, maxing out at 35W TDP, instead of the more powerful processors with 45W TDP, which you often find at the top end of Intel's laptop gaming range.

The Intel vPro i7-1185G7 CPU also stands up well against the AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750U, with a 38% improvement in overall application performance.

The new processors include the 11th Gen Intel Core S-series desktop processors coming in a few months (Rocket Lake-S) and Intel Core H-series mobile processors for gaming. Intel claims that its 11th Gen H-series mobile processors will provide enough power for playing games at 4K, while popular titles such as Valorant, Destiny 2 will clock at 1080p resolution with over 70FPS frame rate. It will be interesting to see if these Alder Lake chips will make Intel processors x86 more competitive next to the ARM-based processors that Qualcomm and Apple are now creating for mobile PCs.

Intel late Monday introduced new processors for business, education, mobile and gaming computing platforms. "With an intense focus on execution for our core products and across our broader portfolio, we're introducing a series of leadership products at CES with more following throughout the year". Intel is touting it to be the "fastest single threaded laptop performance" and that the machines powered by it offer the 'best balance of mobility and enthusiast level gaming.' The new 11th Gen Intel H-series processors support the PCIe Gen 4 standard and bring Killer Wi-Fi 6/6E compatibility to the table as well. Furthermore, Intel lost CPU orders for the MacBook and Mac Mini, since both of these products are now equipped with Apple Silicon M1 processors, which were announced by Apple a year ago and manufactured by TSMC. Rather, desktop PCs are to be reinforced in the future and more powerful notebooks with such processors are to come along.

(Pocket-lint) - Intel finished its CES 2021 keynote by previewing its new 12th generation Intel Core processors codenamed Alder Lake - but before that it revealed a whopping 50 new chips. They offer: Intel Hardware Shield, providing security in hardware for business and the industry's first silicon-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) threat detection to help prevent ransomware and crypto-mining attacks. Also included is a high-power, desktop-class octa-core option that Intel will launch later. Perhaps some of the inspiration Intel could claim from this idea is that their design is matching more closely to the ARM design that Apple is following with their high performing M1 chipset and a sign that Intel is looking to adopt a similar approach in bringing better performance to their new CPUs. The processor is due somewhere around the second half of 2021.



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