Sony Vision-S electric auto begins testing on public roads in Europe

The first look at Sony's Airpeak is here

The Vision-S has every bit of safety and entertainment tech that Sony can pack into the vehicle as a way to develop these features as a supplier for automakers.

One of the biggest announcements at last year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the Sony Vision-S, a rolling testbed of the Japanese giant's automotive imaging and infotainment technologies.

A new video released by the electronics manufacturer shows a prototype wearing numberplates and a camouflage-style wrap being tested by engineers in Austria.

Of course, the drone looks rather large-particularly compared to some of DJI's more compact models-but this is probably explained by the Airpeak's ability to carry Alpha cameras. It also has cameras in place of exterior mirrors, which wouldn't work in the United States due to current regulations.

Talking about the Vision-S, the auto has been plonked with 33 different sensors both on the inside as well as outside.

It features a raft of technology that showcases "the contribution Sony intends to make to realise a highly advanced autonomous driving society".

Sony has added a slew of 30+ sensors to the Vision-S that it says will capture the vehicle surroundings at a 360-degree angle.

We're also unsure if the Airpeak will connect with other camera brands. It should be noted that the Vision-S was originally created as a means for Sony to showcase its autonomous driving and in-car entertainment systems, and as of yet, there is no actual indication that the company would actually put the vehicle into production. One CEO said he hoped that the Vision-S will not remain just a prototype and that Sony and other companies could bring it to market.

Rather, it is cooperating with the well-known automotive supplier and manufacturer Magna Steyr from Austria - an approach similar to recent reports that Apple is partnering with Hyundai to benefit from the experienced automobile manufacturer's know-how to produce its first own vehicle.



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