Samsung showcased smart household assistant robots to make everyday life easier

CES2021 Samsung unveils TVs smart appliances and robots

Emphasizing the future of voice command technology thanks to microphones added to the devices in order not to be tied to the phone screens, Samsung designed Bot Handy for this goal. You can not forget Samsung as the company keeps upgrading its list of innovations and product lineup every year.

"Our innovations are created to provide more personal and more intuitive experiences that express your personality". The firm is rigorously working towards bringing to its customers, next-gen innovations, with AI as the core enables, for a better future. The new 4-Door model, available in North America this spring, also includes a brand-new Beverage Centerâ„¢, which gives quick access to a water dispenser and an automatically-filled water pitcher.

Focusing on life at home with COVID-19 forcing work from home and education from home, Samsung announced SmartThings Cooking with a meal planner that uses AI to recommend meals for the week and a Health Trainer to combine with 2021 Samsung TVs. The TV comes with a bezel-less Infinity Screen design with "4Vue" (Quad View), a four-way viewing option. In the USA it will include 160 and more free TV channels that are available through Samsung TV Plus. MICRO LED will be rolled out globally beginning this spring. During and post-workout, Smart Trainer provides feedback on form, helps you count your reps, and estimates calories burned.

According to Engadget, the Korean tech giant introduced the state-of-the-art Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ is a vacuum cleaner equipped with 3D and LiDAR sensors to map out an optimal cleaning path.

The JetBot 90 AI+ can also be used as a home monitoring device using the device's SmartThings integration and camera. Using artificial intelligence, the Bot grows accustomed to your behavior over time and responds accordingly.

Let's just say Bot Care is certainly the one that's more appropriate for these trying times as it can act as your own personal assistant.

Samsung Bot handy- A robot that allows users to pick up objects after analyzing their weights, shapes, and sizes via use of advanced AI technology. It can also remind you of upcoming meetings you have and other appointments on your schedule.

In the future, Samsung is in the process of developing other tangible applications of AI technologies for daily life, said Mr Seung.

While eerily waving at this "trusted partner", Sebastian Seung, president of Samsung Research, describes the Bot Handy as "a home robot that can both recognize and grab objects, becoming an extension of you in the kitchen, in the living room, and anywhere else you may need that extra hand in your home".

Galaxy Upcycling at Home: At the event, Samsung announced an update to its Galaxy Upcycling program called Galaxy Upcycling at Home.



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