Razer's mad lads have created a face mask with RGB lighting

Razer Project Brooklyn gaming chair

Project Hazel has also been outfitted with N95-medical grade respirators and special "Smart Pods" created to regulate air flow and filter out airborne germs.

Razer aims to conduct testing of the concept with top esports professionals to determine its feasibility, comfort, and performance. Project Hazel needs charging, for reasons we will go into in a minute, but at the same time, Razer has thought, why don't we use the time spent charging constructively? This social feature should even work at night thanks to a handy low-light mode that automatically activates interior RGB lights so people can read your facial cues, even in darker conditions.

If you are like me and wear glasses, then you likely know the struggle that is mask-related fogging.

The inbuilt mic and amplifier are to ensure that your speech isn't muffled when you have the smart mask on. Project Brooklyn, as it's being called, is only a concept right now meant to gauge interest in potential future products from the company, but it already looks awesome. It can be custom-made to fit your face shape. The silicon guard sits around your face to prevent air leaking in.

A transparent mask is hardly an innovation itself - there are plenty on the market. This case should keep your mask safe when it's not in use. Razer unveiled a new gaming chair for what it hopes to be "the next-generation of immersion", for both PC and console gaming, like PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Instead of using the gaudy scorpion tail design to dangle multiple displays like the Acer Predator Thronos, Razer's Project Brooklyn opts for a more understated approach, hinging on a single 60-inch foldable OLED display that gives seamless panoramic vision and can be tucked away into the body of the chair at the press of a button when not in use. "This year, the firm has imagined what could be considered the ideal next-generation gaming setup in the form of a Razer gaming cockpit, dubbed 'Project Brooklyn". The chair also features 4D armrests, tactile Razer HyperSense feedback, and a leather-stitched seat. It lets you switch between console gaming to PC gaming with a mouse and keyboard easily.



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