OtterBox Delves Into Gaming Protection With Cases and Shells

Otterbox gaming clip

Its newly announced Mobile Gaming Clip attaches a smartphone to an Xbox Wireless Controller.

OtterBox, best known for sturdy cases and boxes that protect phones and other devices against gravity and the elements, is expanding its scope to the gaming experience. The grip pads are easily swapped out for a fresh look or added grip, and keep your hands comfortable with sweat-wicking, antimicrobial material that is easy to wash.

Created to fit around the Xbox weapon of choice, the Easy Grip Controller Shell is probably the loudest of the new Otterbox gaming accessories.

The Mobile Gaming Clip is created to work with the Xbox controller, and it is a simple clip that connects a controller to one of Apple's iPhones. And there are swappable grips to customize the feel. It honors its mobile heritage with a peripheral lineup tailored to cloud gaming, as Xbox Game Pass takes full-fledged Xbox One games to iOS and Android over the web.

Otterbox has been making rugged cases for mobile devices since there have been mobile phones and tablets in need of protection. The clip folds flat for easy storage, even when still attached to your gamepad.

The clip is a similar smoky plastic to the controller shell, and it features a handy extra feature.

The Gaming Carry Case is a hard-shell, zip-up case that can hold the Xbox Wireless Controller or Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Alongside the usual material innovations, easy grip designs, and solid device protection, the Easy Grip Gaming Case also includes OtterBox's own CoolVergence technology created to expel heat and decrease the risk of overheating during gameplay.

The gaming clip is likely to be one of the more interesting announcements as the peripheral is well-designed when compared to the cheap clips you can find on Amazon.

OtterBox's new gaming accessories will be available for pre-order on January 25, and will start shipping out in mid-February. The top includes a flip-up stand for your phone.

While we will have to see exactly how effective the Easy Grip Gaming Case's CoolVergence tech actually is at dispersing heat, it's a problem that any phone has when trying to get gaming. The Gaming Glass Privacy Guard is a glass screen protector that serves as a filter; it lets you see what's on your phone's screen when looking at it head-on, but prevents others from seeing what's on the screen at an angle.



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